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Top 5 facts to do with SEO trending in 2014


SEO trending

When it comes to conventional marketing they change every year and there many factors that cause this change. The deal with online marketing for search engine optimizations quite similar.

There are a different set of trends that can be popular one year but nonexistent the next. The traditional SEO strategies and tasks have changed considerably over the years. Now, that we are well into the year 2014 with only the last quarter remaining it is a optimal time to look back and make note of the more popular SEO trends of this year.

Author Rank:

  • In the recent times Google has been known to confirm that they do use a form of “Author Rank” when it comes to ranking in depth articles. Google has also been known have the goal of increasing the click through exclusively to the highest quality content. This has resulted in an overall reduction in the total number of search results being accompanied by authorship information and also increased the competition amongst the authors.
  • There also appears to be a tiered system in term of what is being displayed next to search results. At times the search result are displayed with the entire authorship information and other times with a simple byline.
  • Recent trends show that more number of business owners are beginning to realize that when it comes to SEO, Google Authorship is of major importance. There are several factors that determine whether authorship snippets are included and they are factors like the reputation and credibility of the authors and the website the content is published on as well.
  • It is thus advisable to set up Authorship at this point in time if you haven’t already done so. The reason being that even though it isn’t so yet there is every possibility that in the future those who don’t establish a degree of authority via Author rank will become more or less irrelevant.

Social Media:

giant Social Media platforms

  • Social Media has historically been recognized as a quick way for the Brands to get their content to their targeted market and to increase web traffic. Any link or share or post to do with a Brand on a Social Media platform tends to have a high value. In a recent study it was found that Facebook is the front runner when it came to driving traffic to the sites with Pinter-est coming in second.
  • In the year 2014 so far the Social Media trend seems to a major one as more number of brands have started taking advantages of the giant Social Media platforms.

Lines blurring between Content Marketing and SEO:

  • SEO and content marketing are two different things as the name itself suggests. However, when it come discussing the current SEO trends it is becoming obvious the importance of Content Marketing has risen to a point where it is almost synonymous with the term SEO. It is no longer good enough to just have a good SEO strategy.
  • There is an obvious focus on creating high quality content that is coupled with solid keywords based on the standard SEO keyword research. The trend suggests that the importance of focusing efforts on a set number of keywords in order to improve ranking is losing steam. The obvious reason for that is that the competition is too high for our efforts to mount up to anything.
  • Furthermore the trend is more towards the marketing of the content developed using long tail keywords coupled with building brand awareness, credibility, authority and social media.

Guest Blogging:

  • Guest Blogging continues to remain a good strategy for building audience and brand. What’s more, is that the inbound links also still have significance. Guest Blogging is almost back from the dead for some. This year started off by many people misinterpreting a statement regarding Guest Blogging which at one point of time last year was trending pretty high. Although after some clarifications and more clear statements we have confirmation that Guest Blogging is back in the picture, a bit subdued though.
  • There is something that has changed about Guest Blogging in this year (2014) and that is only good guest blogging would be effective. By good guest blogging they mean blogging with good content that is of some value and not for the sole purpose of link building.

Content Value:

  • The process of getting a good search engine ranking is becoming increasingly difficult. This wasn’t the case up until last year when the going was easy. There were several articles published towards the last half of 2013 that predicted that the way ahead for creating good inbound links was to create good quality content. The articles also went on to suggest that it would be a good idea to invest some more in the roles like content manager, content marketing or even seriously considering outsourcing content. Those predictions were right.
  • This has many implications for some of the big brands and others too. The overall investment for content creation has suddenly go up which has automatically resulted in the companies explicitly reassessing their content requirements as well as actively tracking if the content serves the purpose.


There are many articles published on the SEO topic each year and many of them predicting how to be prepared for the changes to come the subsequent year. This year there is likely to be a change in that respect too.

As predicted in 2013, the importance of content and that too good relevant and meaningful content has risen tenfold. The SEO trends this year (2014) are a slightly different as already mentioned throughout this article.

The trend is clearly shifting towards becoming more content centric. Thus what matters to companies now and most likely in the next few years to come is to produce good content. It is important for their content writers to realize that the site visitors are not just looking for information on a subject or content that is stating the obvious. The average visitor to your website is more intelligent than they used to be.

Hence, having good content is one thing but it is important that the content is highly relevant and focuses on the right topics and people.

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Rushik Shah 13 October , 2014

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