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Top 10 Things Consider Before Start a New Web Design Project?

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One always wants his company/product website to be best, user friendly and with the latest trends, so to begin with such professional website,

Here are top 10 things which require your attention and research.

1) Check for your company / product domain name:

I think this should be your first step, to have your website URL.According to your business if commercial then .com extension would be the first priority otherwise if you are running Non-profit organization then you can go with .org extension.

There are some other extensions like your country extensions and some other too, so you should register preferred domain name before proceeding with the your website.

2) Google your market and check your competitors’ sites:

You should search into Google about your products / services to analyze the market place of your products / services and at the same time, you should also check your competitor’s.

Website to see how they come up with the presentation of their company / products, contents, detailing etc. so that you can able to arrange and analyze that at least your website should be lesser value than their sites.

3) Branding:

Fix your company logo and get your branding done along with it, and make sure that your website should follow your branding, if you do not have your company logo then you can Have your web design company to do it for you.

4) Fixing your websites Site map, Homepage Detailing and note reference sites for look & Fee:

Once you will be OK with above 3 points, then note some reference website which you liked personally while surfing, it is important to provide reference site when you give your website.

Development work to professional company like thus they can able to retain your preferred look & feel, along with the ref. sites if you can arrange what details you want to display on the homepage for your audience plus site map is essential, ( e.g. Home, About Us, Services, Contact etc. ), once you are ready with it you can share this things to the professional web development company which you choose for your website development, and ask them to provide their input into it.

5) Make sure you have good contents ( not copied ) and images:

Get your professional content ready for the pages say your company profile, your product or services details etc, you can also use professional content writer to do this JOB for you.There are also on line websites who providing such services,along with the contents, please make sure that you have your own product images, if you are in service industry then buy images from stock photography website but do not use images from any websites or images which are having copy rights

6) Fix your budget or be open:

If you are having tight budget then you should let the development company know about it so that they can give you the cost effective solution accordingly.It is OK if you are open with the budget.

7) Choosing right and professional company for your website development:

It is very important and necessary that you choose right and professional company for your website development because at the end they will design and developed your website which will be your on line presence, You can follow below things

-Make sure the company is experience with the skill-set that they can develop your website.
-Check their portfolio and other works they have done.
-Get some references from them and call or email them asking about their experience with the company on developing their website.
-Fix and verify the scope of work, terms & condition, Payment terms etc.

8) Arrange phone or personal meeting with the website development company:

It is important to share your thoughts with the website development company and at the same time, face to face or phone communication would be essential to make sure whether the company who will develop you website, understood your requirements correctly or not,
Explain them your requirement and ask them to send you detailed quote along with the time frame of it

9) Be clear with your requirements:

If you won’t be clear with what you want, then it would be never ending project for you thus it will increase the cost for your website too, So clear with the technology that will be using to develop the website is clear on what exactly you want.

10) Hosting:

Choose good hosting plan from professional hosting company, take help and genuine suggestion from the website development company.

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