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Tips to develop an e-commerce website

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Tips to develop an e-commerce website

Developing an eCommerce website designs is harder than you can imagine. This is because of the finer details, the high level of competition, the mobile-ready users, and website visitors who do not have a lot of patience. Hence it is a good idea to always have a clear picture of the design, content, and structure of the website. If you have a clear goal and direction for the website and stay by it, there is a good chance you will be successful. Online Shopping or eCommerce business needs an eCommerce website with a great user experience, multiple payment method, and a secure checkout process.

Key points to remember:


  • You are developing a website that needs to stand the test of time unless you plan to redesign the website every year.
  • An eCommerce website may be a massive one with 1000 – 5000 products or just 5 to 10. But it must be current and use the current trends
  • An eCommerce website differs from a normal informative website in many ways, because for an eCommerce website you are expecting the visitors to make a purchase. Hence the tone of the website and action elements should all be relevant.
  • Content plays an important role for eCommerce websites and there is nothing like a too big or long product description. Because when it comes to selling products online, the more information and photos you have the better.
  • Besides having good content and lots of it, it is also important to structure it in a manner that is appealing and readable. The visitor to your website is not likely to take the effort of finding content. Hence it is best to have a decent layout and place it in the correct format. For example, in case the product is a mobile device, it is essential to divide the content into parts like specification, description, features, and so on.
  • If there is one thing that an eCommerce website cannot do without, it would be a ‘search box’. This is more applicable to the larger eCommerce websites, but equally essential for the smaller ones as well. It is a good idea to incorporate a search box into every page of your website design.
  • One of the other essential design elements of an eCommerce website is the ‘shopping cart’. Having an always visible ‘shopping cart’ icon that displays the number of products in the basket is quite effective.
  • If you have a free shipping policy for all products or a special condition, make sure you declare your eCommerce has free shipping loud and clear. The reason being, that in the world of eCommerce the two words, ‘free shipping’ make a big difference in attracting more customers to the website.
  • If you make the news either online or offline or even featured in a magazine, do not forget to mention it on the website.
  • For an online business, Social Proof and customer reviews are a must needed for trust factors with secure payments.
  • Specify Product Category with high-quality product photos.
  • To provide a good customer experience you need a responsive design.

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