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5 Important tips that every Android app developer must know

Android Development

With more than 85% of the global market, share android is definitely the
largest mobile platform in the world.

There is tough competition in the android app development field and every
android app developer wants to come up with the best products.

By following some useful tips, the android app developer will be able to
churn out the best apps for the customer.

Here are the top tips that android app developers must follow:
Analyzing the Android Guidelines is very important:
Google has laid down certain android guidelines, and these are very useful
to new android developers. Every developer wants to create an app that
works well and has no inconsistencies.

They want to create an easy-to-use app that the end-user will enjoy. It is
important that the android app developer analyses the android app
guidelines that Google has laid down for all this.

Creating a roadmap of all stages of android app development:
Android app development has different stages and the android app
the developer has to make sure that he completes all the stages of the app
development in the best possible way.

For this, the android app developer has to keep in mind the objective of the
app and he needs to list down the stages of the app development process.
Next, he needs to figure out how he is going to complete each of the stages
of the android app development so that he can create one of the best
android apps for the client.

Test Your Android App Thoroughly:

Testing the app properly is something that no android app developer can
miss out on. The app developer should not even consider giving the app to
the client until the testing phase is completed.

The testing of the app gives an idea about the bugs and inconsistencies in
the app. Once the developer knows about the drawbacks of the app, he can
work to remove the bugs and give a flawless app to the customer.

Optimize Your Android Apps:
Is your android app taking a long time to open? If the answer is yes, then
the end-user is definitely not going to use the app. The size of the android
app, the speed of the app, etc., are important factors that influence the
client retention rate.

Therefore, while developing the android app, every app developer has to
make sure that he optimizes the app so that the app opens quickly and the
end-user enjoys a great user experience.

During app development, targeting multiple devices is important:
One of the best things about android apps is that they support multiple
devices. Therefore, while developing the android app, the android app
the developer has to keep this aspect in mind and needs to ensure that the
android app will work well on different devices.


Many mobile users prefer the android platform, and hence there is a lot of
demand for the best android app.

Therefore, there is tough competition in the android app development
market, and the developers have to make sure that they create an
outstanding app that is better than the existing apps in the market.

In order to meet the challenge of creating the best android app, the
developer needs to follow some tips that will help him in creating the best
app. The developer must follow the Google guidelines and must make sure
that he optimizes the app.

Testing the app and ensuring that it works well on different devices is also
something that the app developer needs to keep in mind.

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