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Time Perception and it’s influence on web design

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

Time Perception and it’s influence on web design

Time plays a crucial role in every aspect of our life and to be able to control or use it to our advantage would make a world of difference. Although this is a subject that is hard to put into words and it is more of something that once you experience you realise an effort has been made here to describe a new perception.

Timing makes all the difference from when the visitor load the page and waits for it to load to the time it take to perform the search function on the website. The users these days do not have a lot of patience and hence the websites do not have an option but to keep up with this blistering pace.

However this is an article that is more about how the website content can be changed over time. The content includes the videos, sound, animations and general content.

Significance of Time:

It is not easy to define time or point a finger at it since time is a vast entity and concerning a specific topic is even a small event in a vast ocean of event. A good comparison would be comparing the size of an electron with the massive size of our galaxy.

However we are considering digital time and digital time is difference from human time in many ways. Psychology has a lot to do with how matters work out. Here are few important factors.

  • There is a limit to capacity of the human brain and hence the website page should be designed keeping this in mind. The level of interaction and page itself should not be complicated or hard to figure out. It is beneficial to keep to make sure everything is kept unambiguous.

  • The flow of a website is very important and making it intuitive and simple pays off. The average user likes to have a feeling that they are in control and by providing them just that it helps improve the usability of the website.

  • Misleading flow of a website or links or even a slow performing website are factors that can work against you and meant the visitor may drop your website.

In the digital age where there are more number of mobile Internet users and people like surfing the websites while on the go; the importance of a highly responsive website is very important. The reason being that the mobile users have an even lower threshold when it comes to patience. Hence the slow loading or complicated websites do not stand a chance.

The verdict:

Responsive design is constantly gaining in popularity. Halfway through 2015 and there has already been a very big difference in the number of websites using responsive design.

This has thus impacted the way web designers deal with typography as well. Several statistics and hits mentioned in this article showcase how the average web designer deals with such issues and what the most popular trend is.

However that said a more important and relevant trend is beginning to emerge which suggests that the websites in the future may no longer be responsive. The trend being that more number of ecommerce websites around the world are giving more preference to their mobile apps which creates an interesting opportunity for web designers to develop websites that are not responsive.

In doing so there is a better opportunity to develop a website that is optimized for the desktop and make use of several advanced techniques that might not be possible while implementing a responsive design. Thus this a greater opportunity for the website designers to create their website designs without any restriction and to give more importance to the element of ‘Time’.

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  • Time Perception and it’s influence on web design

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