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Things you should take care after website redesign

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Website Redesign

If you are one of the people who have taken the important decision to redesign your website and have completed the transformation and now have a completely new website, there are few more tasks to do before you completely relax and pop that bottle of champagne.

To start with you it is vital that you monitor you website traffic. There are several tools to do this that can give you a detailed analysis, Google Analytics being one of them. In the rare case that your website traffic has been affected in a negative manner then there are several things that you should revisit as listed below:

  • Have you preserved the links popular with the search engines?
  • Have the page removed been redirected?
  • Does the keywords study that was conducted have flaws?
  • Is the new site navigation hard to decipher?

How Alakmalak can help:

Alakmalak is one of the best webdesign and development firm that has been around since a long time. It is a well-established web development company and is successful. It has had the good fortune of developing more than 2000 websites for clients from all around the world and is still going strong. This is one firm you can trust with your website.


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Rushik Shah 06 November , 2014

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