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Things You Should Take Care After Website Redesign



Website Redesign

Redesigning your business website is both an exciting and crucial step to remain competitive and entice potential customers. But here’s the catch: the job doesn’t conclude when the new site goes live. In reality, that’s just the start. To guarantee that your website maintains peak performance, there are several vital factors to consider after the redesign project. In this blog, we’ll delve into these essential aspects, including search engine optimization, catering to your target audience, to help you maximize the benefits of your website redesign for your business.

1. Conversion Rate Analysis

One of the primary goals of a website redesign is often to improve conversion rates. After the redesign, monitor your website’s conversion rate closely. Use tools like Google Analytics to track user behavior, identify drop-offs, and make necessary adjustments to your design elements and content strategy. For instance, if you notice that target customers are leaving your site at the checkout page, consider simplifying the process or offering incentives to complete the purchase.

Example: Suppose your online store’s conversion rate increased from 2% to 4% after a redesign process. This indicates that the changes made have positively impacted user engagement and sales.

2. SEO Strategy Review

Your website’s search engine rankings are critical for attracting organic traffic. Post-redesign, it’s essential to revisit your SEO strategy. Ensure that all meta tags, alt attributes, and headers are optimized for search engines. Make sure your website is indexed correctly and submit an updated sitemap to search engines.

Practical Example: If your website used to rank on the second page for a specific keyword but now appears on the first page after the redesign, it’s a positive sign that your SEO efforts are paying off.

3. Broken Links and Redirects

A common issue after a website redesign is broken links. Broken links can harm your search engine rankings and frustrate users. Use tools like Google Search Console to identify and fix broken links. Implement 301 redirects for pages that have been removed or renamed.

Example: If you notice a spike in 404 error pages after the website redesign process, it’s a sign that you need to address broken links and redirects.

4. Content Strategy Evaluation

Your content is the heart of your website. Ensure that your content strategy aligns with your redesign strategy. Update outdated content, add fresh and relevant content, and maintain a consistent posting schedule. High-quality content is essential for engaging potential customers.

Example: If your blog traffic increases after a redesign process and the bounce rate decreases, it indicates that your content strategy is working effectively.

5. Visual Elements and Color Scheme

Visual elements and color schemes play a significant role in user experience. Check if the new visual elements and design elements are consistent with your brand identity and if the color scheme is visually appealing. Consistency in design helps in building trust among your target audience.

Example: If you receive positive feedback on social media or in customer reviews about the new design elements and color scheme, it’s a good indicator that your audience appreciates the changes.


A successful website redesign process is just the beginning of your online journey. To fully capitalize on your efforts, it’s crucial to focus on these post-redesign tasks. Regularly monitor your conversion rates, review your Search Engine Optimization strategy, fix broken links, refine your content strategy, and ensure your visual elements align with your brand identity. By taking care of these aspects, you’ll be well on your way to retaining and attracting target customers, maintaining or improving search engine rankings, and achieving your business goals. Remember, a website is a dynamic entity, and continuous improvement is key to its long-term success.

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