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Things to know about: Manual testing VS Automation testing

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Whenever it comes to test software or code, there are multiple types of testing available. Here will be going to discuss manual vs. automated testing, and you can easily figure out which one is the best one to choose from.


  • Manual testing:

When the testing of software is executed manually by the QA analyst, it is termed as manual testing. The main purpose of using manual testing is to discover the bugs which may have entered during software development. The test will test all the essential features which are a must to operate the software, and they will get available with an appropriate result whether they wish to go for some changes or not. Without the help of any of the automation software testing tools, a user will be able to generate the report.


  • Automation testing:

Whenever are you wish to automate execution, automated software testing will be used. They will write code for test script that will help them to do testing easily. With these courts’ help, one will be able to figure out the validity of the software. Within no time, there will be executed, and they will be able to understand whether it is working properly or not. It clearly depends upon the pre-scripted test that will help them to compare actual results with the expected result so that in case of changes, they can easily do it.

Without the intervention of manual tester, automated testing will allow the user to execute it fast and regression test without any hassle.

Difference between manual testing and automation testing

Processing time:
In automation testing, the processing time is faster.
Manual testing consumes more time than this one.
Exploratory testing
No random testing is allowed in automation
In Manual Testing, exploratory testing is possible
Initial investment:
In automation testing, the initial investment required higher.
Manual testing, the initial investment is comparatively low.
Ideal approach:
Automation Testing can be used when one is looking forward to executing times that of test cases.
Manual testing is used to prove that test cases when we can be Run once or twice only.
Automation testing can be considered to be a reliable method because tools and scripts are used to perform it.
In Manual Testing, chances of human errors are there.
Investment is required for automation engineers and testing tools both in automation testing.
In Manual Testing, investment is needed for human resources.
Automation Testing is not effective for low volume regression.
For high volume regression, manual testing is not cost-effective.
In automation testing, a person will never get bored because they are using tools for results.
In Manual Testing, a person will face and get bored because of repeated manual test execution.
When to use:
Automated testing is best for performance testing, regression testing, load testing, and highly repeatable functional testing.
Manual testing is best for usability, Adhoc testing, and exploratory. If one wishes to make the changes through the use of AUT, they can easily do it.


This is all about Manual vs. automated software testing. Now it depends upon the user which one to choose. As we have mentioned above, it depends upon the task for which are you where is looking forward to using the tools. 

It is the suggestion that in Manual vs. automated software testing, that Automation Testing is quite fast if you wish to get available with fast results in less time than this will help you to deal with it easily.

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