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There is more to website re-design that meets the eye

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 Website ReDesign

 Redesigning your website may be a good decision and may in fact be necessary especially if your existing website was built in the stone ages. The reason being that the trends have changed and so has the technology and there are issues pertaining to security that need to be considered as well.

The bottom line is that redesigning a website is a big deal and the fact that many organizations do not realise is that they often end up worse off from where they started. This is quite common while redesigning a website without conducting any analysis and having no correct method or plan.

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The journey from deciding to redesign to having the finished product is a long one. In fact the process of redesign requires a more analysis and planning than doing it for the first time. The reason being that with a redesign, you are processing several things at a time.

  • Is it really necessary?
  • Studying the analysis of the existing website
  • Performing a content audit of existing website
  • Going through the research and discovery process
  • Defining your goals
  • Get an ideal of your competitors
  • Establishing the budget
  • Making design preferences
  • Opting to convert to a CMS or e-Commerce website

The decision process:

It is not easy to determine whether or not a redesign is necessary. The worst mistake that many companies make is to give in to the advice of their website development company regarding website redesign and not really spending much time on the subject themselves. If the redesign is to be done it has to be as a result of the facts, figures and analysis of the existing websites as well as some research in to what to expect from the new one. The analysis of the current website can reveal the following factors:

  • Right for the Business Strategy
  • Brand name marketing
  • Ease of navigation
  • Mobile friendly
  • Website traffic report

But that is not all you also need to take in to consideration some other factors as mentioned here:

  • Evaluation of the current website analytics like number of leads, conversion rate etc.
  • Explore similar websites like those of your competitors to check how they perform.
  • Lay down as to what you expect from your website

The plan to redesign:

You are most likely to hire a good and able web development firm to handle the job of redesigning your website. That said now one knows your firm the way you do and hence you are the person best suited to get the process of redesign started by doing a little bit of research of your own, setting your goals, establishing all your preferences and make the decision on what technology to use. Here it is in more detail:

  • Establishing the target audience
  • Set the goals and objectives. For example the website may have many products and services listed however they main product that is most profitable needs to be highlighted. Or the brand of the company needs to be sending out the correct message and to the correct audience.
  • Making your company strategy, vision and direction evident to the designer and ask him to stay in those bounds.

The design process:

You are doing this the second time round; hence you should have a rough idea of how this is done. This process can be speeded up by giving clear instructions to your website designer. Although in order to so that you will need to have done your homework and taken in to consideration the following;

  • Design elements that you like from the many websites already online.
  • The color, fonts, and size preferences.
  • The stock images that you wish to utilize.

Opting for CMS:

There is always the option of installing a CMS. However which one depends on your requirements and constraints like:

  • Opting for Open Source
  • The user interface
  • The editing (Admin) interface
  • The features and ability to customise
  • Good with the search engines (SEO)
  • Easy to upgrade or change
  • The overall Budget

Help is here:

Alakmalak has developed over 2000 websites for clients across the globe. Hence they use their experience to help you redesign your website the way you prefer and require. At the same time they actively provide you will all the analysis, statistics and recent technologies data that you will require. Thus when it comes to redesigning you need not look very far.

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