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The Ultimate Guide to Avoid 10 BIGGEST IT Outsourcing MISTAKES

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Majority of the time,the outsourcing company face an issue,that a client calls,describes the idea in short,and ask for cost.If someone is giving a cost by a short description,the project is most Many a time you are unable to express what is in your mind,or what you want,that’s the first step,if that is not done ensuring detailing,the end result could be something else than what you desire You need to be expressive as much possible and need to document that correctly and even verified on both ends Let the provider know as much detail as you can beforehand,and also your preferred mode of communication.Someone people prefer emails and when the provider calls them,they get annoyed.probably going to fail.Every requirements needs to bedetailed for the functional parts,and the look and feel perspective.

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There is not supposed to do something in any project.Any of your expectation needs to be clearly defined,by dividing the features list of what you want into two parts,Must Have,and Good to Have the key is to be as much expresive and detailing about your expecation level and pref-ference,that you can communication the lesser surprises you will have in the project.


Aprototype/wireframe is something which can be designed upfront by yourself,or a Business Analysts of the Outsourcing partner,which can help you envision what elements would the end product have and what would the flow of the logic.Which are the form field,which the user needs to input and when? This is a must thing to do for any customized project,which even helps you to make sure that your idea is properly understood by the company in the way you wanted.


There is a famous saying, you get what you pay for.Although you outsource your work to countries like India,because the normal wage of a programmer is about 1/3 than the cost of hiring one in your country. But that too you need to check that cutting cost does not comprise the quality of work.Forexample,you may get a developer in US for 50K USD to 200K USD Annual Salary,same way even at India,you have a wide variety of range of salaries exist.You need to decide what level of the person you would want to hire.Don’t just give importance to the hourly rate but the experience that a provider has which would add value to your project.

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