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The Ultimate Guide: Latest Link Building Approaches in 2020

Digital Marketing, SEO

Ultimate link building guide

One thing that has extensively grown in this pandemic of 2020 is the fact that all people
have become aware and have started engrossing in online activities and this is what
serves beneficial to the link building strategies in 2020.

Link building builds a way of getting other websites to redirect back to your website.
The link building strategies ensure that your website’s ranking on google search is

Strategies of link building: 

Reverse Guest Post: This kind of blogging is the opposite of guest posts. In this link building strategy, a pitch is given to a well-known content writer to produce a blog for you. You discuss information and the writer writes high-quality content for the website. This content would be published by you on your website thereafter. The motive is to promote your website through the influencer and boost your ratings.

Broken Links: A scalable method in which you find a broken link from a webpage. This webpage must have similar interests as yours. You will offer the website’s handler information regarding the broken link on their page. You provide your website’s workable link alongside. This is to build a communication bridge in between. This ensures that they add your responsive link to their website.
This link building strategy promotes a link to their audience. It increases the chances of future opportunities.

Referring to quality backlinks from competitors: 

Backlinks redirecting to websites from other websites represent your blog professionally. Many times we do not have knowledge on how to create backlinks. In

such times you can refer to backlinks from your competitors who have established
websites. This procedure has proved to be beneficial over the years. The advantage is
because backlinks show search engines how others prefer your content.

Industry Influencers:

In this kind of link building strategy, you can easily find blogs indicating popular
influencers. This kind of blog posts is shared by the influencers. This method of link
building strategy generates more traffic for your web page by creating backlinks.
Maintaining a pattern while writing such content is necessary.


This is a kind of representation. The content within shows all data in an organized way
by means of charts, pictures, and use of little textual explanation. People tend to grasp
more information by this kind of content and recommend it to people.The final result
provides visibility to your website in search engines at the top.

Resource Page Link Building:

These kinds of link building strategies help in increasing more backlinks for your
webpage from various resource pages that have systematically arranged the structure of
links to external websites. When your website link is added to someone else’s webpage
it makes their page more popular. On your side, it would allow access of more audience
to your content.

Guest blogging:

This is a way of writing content for another company’s website but within the same
niche as yours so as to attract a wide-ranging audience from both your as well as the
company you are working for. This link building strategy is user friendly and healthy.

LIS Method:

In this link building strategy, you focus more on including all the important topics. This
makes your content look sufficiently informative to the audience and they recommend it
even more. This method makes it sure for your webpage to get more backlinks than

Evergreen Keywords

This is something that you must not forget. Keywords are the deciding factors on
whether your blog post shows up when searched. Use keywords that are used more by
people while searching. After doing this your content would be relevant when searches
are made by the audience.


The above described are some of the important link building strategies in 2020. You
must keep this in mind before you start marketing your website.
I hope this blog was helpful to you and would be helpful in selecting the strategy as per

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