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The steps to take while planning for developing websites – a different perspective

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Development Process

Developing a website is not very hard however it does depend how the level of complexity of your website. If you were to perform a quick search on a search engine online it will result in a big list of technical articles or tutorials. These articles and tutorials are usually very useful and helpful and you most certainly gain knowledge of the technical aspect of the website.

However figuring out how to make a website is not all about learning about the technical aspect. Some of us are tech savvy and are quick to pick of the technical skill and other may take time. However at the end of day to be able to customize a website using a web development language will take some knowledge of the programming concepts as well.

Hence this article is all about providing you inside information on what exactly it means to make a website, the important factors and where to gather the important resources from. Here are a few steps to take when planning a website:

Website Goals:

It is possible to make a website for several purposes. Your website can be your business calling card, it can be your brochure, it can even be your portfolio hence the first step is to figure out the purpose of your website.

If your website is a brochure you may want to think of the design in terms of brand awareness.

At the same time if the website is about selling products or providing services then it is necessary to focus on the right kind of content and how much of it. Besides which it is important to focus on social media networks as well.

Based on your goals it a good idea to develop a strategy for the development of your website. Although copying a similar web is not the best strategy while making your website, it is perfectly fine to take inspiration from the existing websites. In fact I would encourage surfing on the Internet to check out the current trends and what are the features that attract the most number of visitors.

Success matrix:

A website may have its set of goals to focus on but how does it measure its success. This is a factor that is often overlooked by many businesses. What is equally important while developing a website is to have a well defined set of success matrix. Hence at the end of every milestone it is possible to analyze the success matrix to measure how successful your website has been. Achieving your goals for the matrix will give you a sense of satisfaction.

The growth of a website is usually exponential. A good way to do this is to make as set of milestones to start with. It is important to remember the milestones should be realistic ones and need to take into consideration several other external factors.


It is highly likely that your business already has a good marketing strategy. One of the first steps to take when you are planning your website is to take into consideration how your website fits into your marketing strategy. The factors to consider is how the website can compliment your marketing strategy and then going a step further designing marketing strategies revolving around your website.

Besides integrating your website with your marketing strategy, there are several methods in which the website itself can be made more available and easy to find. This is often called as optimizing your website for a search engine (SEO).


When setting out to develop your website there are many resource required. These resources include design elements, like images and font types. It also includes web development resources like code libraries for the programming language of your choice. In addition to this a website requires a lot of content and that too good quality content that sends the message across without boring the visitor to death.

Some of the other resources that are required to make a website is a some web space and a domain. Online marketing (SEO) is also becoming an essential element of website development these days.

Online Research:

Research is a key component in just about any new project. Although you may have your own set of designs and own ideas and a unique product to showcase on your website, research will stay pay off.

There enumerable website out there and it is possible browse through the successful ones to check what has made them so popular. In terms of what is popular with the visitors.

At the same time there are also a lot of failed websites there and it is equally important to inspect such websites to figure out what went wrong . This prevents you from making the same mistakes with your website instead of learning it the hard way by failing yourself.

Web services

Alakmalak offers a vital insight into the true art behind making a website:

Alakmalak is a web development firm in india that offers a great many web related services. Having developed more than 2000 website for clients from all across the globe they are well established and quite confident at what they do.

Besides having the technical abilities which they have proved time after time (or should I say launch after launch), they also possess the true art of creating a website. As discussed throughout this article it is one thing to possess the right set of technical skills to make a website; but it is another thing to be able to understand how to develop a website that will be accepted and popular.

At the end of the day the website is being built for the visitors and hence it is a good idea have some knowledge of the characteristics of your visitors. A quick example being that with more number of Internet users using mobile devices to access the internet it is essential that your website be equally presentable and functionally sound on the mobile platform.

  • The steps to take while planning for developing websites

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