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The reason why the ready-made Laravel templates are mainly for an Admin Panel and not the website itself

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Laravel is open source framework that is available as a free download. It implements the MVC (model – view – controller) architecture pattern. Like any other PHP framework Laravel is also feature rich and offers plenty of functions and tools ready to implement. For example, almost every website requires an authentication or login system. Laravel has this inbuilt and ready to implement thus saving valuable development time.

Features of Laravel Framework

Laravel templates are mainly for an Admin Panel and not the website itself

Laravel 5.4 was released recently and it came with many new features. Laravel has always been feature rich and that is one of the reasons it is so popular. In fact, Laravel has one of the most popular PHP frameworks since the past few years with most PHP developers. Here is a list of features of the Laravel framework:

  • Laravel implements Bundles which is a modular packaging system. This feature is available since Laravel 3.
  • Laravel offers a special feature called Eloquent ORM which is an objected relation mapping feature. This is similar to an active record pattern with additional features to make it more advanced. This enforces the constraints on the relationships between the database objects.
  • Laravel also has a ‘Query Builder’ available that provides direct access to the database. This is an alternative to the Eloquent ORM feature that also allows database access. The query builder helps implement good coding practices and prevent developers from using direct SQL queries.
  • The application logic also called business logic is the heart of the website. This is implemented using controllers and with appropriate route declarations.
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    The reverse routing feature allows the establish the relationship between the links and the routes.

  • It is very easy to create web services and make use of third party tools like the REST API. The Restful controllers offer much different methods for displaying content.
  • The Laravel template feature called ‘Blade Template’ implements the data and design in an efficient manner to display the views and pages using minimal PHP code.
  • Additionally, Laravel offers several other features like route cashing, authentications, events objects, multiple file system and more.

Types of websites developed using Laravel Framework

There are many types of websites that can be build using the Laravel framework. This includes blogs, content management websites, eCommerce websites, travel websites and many other custom websites.

The website is a travel website for Greece and has been developed using Laravel. This is a dynamic website with and admin panel and a front end for the visitors.

Another website developed using Laravel is This too is a dynamic website and do to with more academic concerns. It has a front end to display the information and an admin panel too that has been developed using Laravel.

There are many types of websites developed using the Laravel Framework, but it usually will not be a simple website.

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A simple website that does not have any dynamic features or very few dynamic features will usually not be developed using Laravel framework or any PHP framework for that matter.

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Hence there are many templates available for the Laravel Admin Panel. These are from popular websites online like the Code Canyon and Theme Forest and many more. These frameworks allow you to create an admin panel to help assist with the management of the website.

It is unlikely that one will find a template for the visitor section. The website may be a blog or a content management system or even an eCommerce website, but the template that is available for download will usually be only for the admin panel and not the user section. Laravel is a framework that offers strong features and along with strong templates structure for the back end, we can create a strong base.

Laravel then allows the freedom to pick the design for the front end or user section thus allowing for a larger level of creativity and not restricting developers in terms of design features. Any layout created using a graphic software like Photoshop or even an HTML template can be transformed into a Laravel website.

Laravel development with Alakmalak

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