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The new version of Joomla is a much bigger change than it appears

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Joomla Development

Joomla has evolved at lot over the past 5 years . As a content management system it is one of the most unique one around. In addition to offering the standard content management feature it offers a lot more in terms of functionality, ease of use and an administrative interface with a very low learning curve. 

Joomla has now gone a step further with the release of Joomla 3.4.1 that packs several useful and unique features. Joomla has always been about allowing users with minimal skills to develop a website. Hence it continues to support ease of use and a high number of easy to install plug-ins. Hence it is possible to use your Joomla Website and convert it into a feature rich content management system, a full-fledged shopping cart. Furthermore the Joomla website also allows custom features to be prepared and installed; however that would require a more thorough knowledge of Joomla and even some basic programming skills.

More possibilities with Joomla Web Development:

  • Front end editing: As one would expect from a content management software it is possible to edit all the content on the website. In general a content management software may allow only editing of the page text however with Joomla more things are possible. It is possible to edit all elements of the website, that includes the sidebars, specific elements on the front page, the header, as well as the footer.
  • However Joomla has now gone a step further, it now allows you to edit your website content from the front end itself. You no longer have to spend a ton of time searching for the right page to edit in the administrative panel. Although you will login to the Administrative Panel, once you do that it will be possible to edit the web page content by clicking on the small icon that appears on the front end.
  • CAPTCHA: The issue of Spamming is one of the most bother some factors of owning a website. However it is possible to put a stop to the tons of spam emails by simply placing a CAPTCHA. That is the main reason why now most of the websites do have a CAPTCHA.
  • However placing a CAPTCHA is not always the best thing for your website in terms of usability. A CAPTCHA code is often hard to decipher and having to type in a CAPTCHA code also means spend extra time on the website, something which not all of us would like to do. This version of Joomla allows the use of Google No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. What Google has now done is replaced the traditional time consuming CATPCHA with a click of the mouse.
  • Lighter Joomla: Weblinks has been removed from the default Joomla system to give way to a lighter core. This is a very good move by Joomla which has made Joomla lighter and easier to handle. At the same time there is always the option of installing Weblink as an extension if required.
  • Compose Integration: Joomla has introduced a new package manager in this version. Composer is a widely used package manager use by PHP developers and is popular in several PHP frameworks. This package manager allows the integration of external code libraries directly into Joomla and it is a breeze. The Compose supports a large set of libraries since it has been around for a long time.

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Joomla has been a popular choice for content management systems since a long time. Although WordPress has grabbed the attention of several small business and private users to become the most popular content management system, it was initially on a blogging platform. WordPress has evolved to now become a robust content management system.

Joomla on the other hand has offered a steady content management system to start with that even allows to build a good shopping cart via external plug-ins. Joomla too has evolved over the years to become an even better content management system than it was before by integrating several intuitive features.

At Alakmalak, the team of skilled web developers are all but familiar with Joomla and where it is coming from. Having developed over 2000 websites for clients across the globe and many of them being in Joomla, the web developers have also racked in the experience.

Furthermore the skilled web developers at Alakmalak are well on top the new features that have been added to Joomla . Hence your web development tasks are safe in our able hands.

  • the new version of joomla
  • The new version of Joomla is a much bigger change than it appears

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