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The future of ecommerce businesses vs offline business in 2016

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

The future of ecommerce businesses vs offline business in 2016

The eCommerce business is booming with more number of people now beginning to trust and believe in safe online transactions. The general outlook of many retail businesses was ‘only online’ at one point in time. However, there does appear to be a change in how the retailers view the online ecommerce business. A major number of retail businesses do still believe in their ecommerce business, however they also feel the need to give equal importance to their bricks and mortar business.

There are many retail businesses big and small who have also ventured into the brick and mortar business in-spite of having good and successful online ecommerce business. Here is a list of reasons why this is taking place.

Benefits of investing in brick & mortar store to supplement your ecommerce business:

  • There are now a very large number of online ecommerce businesses making the world of online shopping over-crowded and expensive.
  • SEO is a nightmare since there are many ecommerce websites. Hence, most of the important keywords are usually grabbed by the bigger ecommerce businesses.
  • When in need to launch a new brand in an exclusively online ecommerce business there are limited options on how to present the new product.
  • There are many products that fail to appeal to the customers when being sold online. Products like clothes, shoes, eyewear or jewellery tend to appeal more to a customer if they are in a brick and mortar store rather than an online store.
  • One of the major benefits an online store is they are the ultimate marketing platforms. Besides being successful one its own, a brick and mortar store does wonders for your online business by giving it the much needed boost.

Facts and Stats of the ecommerce world

  • Amazon has ventured into traditional retail business after being highly successful with their online ecommerce business in a bid to expand and survive the competition.
  • Warby Parker created a successful brand for eyeglasses online, Soho and has now successfully launched multiple brick and mortar stores.
  • eCommerce sales in US alone in 2013 stood at 1233 Billion USD.
  • This figure has risen to 1700 Billion USD in the year 2015 and is on the rise in the current year 2016.
  • The ecommerce sales for India in 2013 was 3.59 billion USD.
  • The ecommerce sales for India in 2015 was 14 Billion USD.
  • 80% of the online population has made online purchase using the Internet.
  • 50% of the online population continue to use online ecommerce websites for their purchases.

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