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The Complete Solution For Website Redesign Process

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website redesign process

Website Redesign is not an easy task but at times it becomes necessary. There are several reasons to redesign a website. Here are some of the reasons listed:

  • Their website was developed a long time ago and they need a more modern look with good functionality
  • The software they used to make their website has a new and better version and it is necessary to upgrade. Website redesign is a good option at this time too.
  • New type of information to be displayed, in a completely different method to send a specific message
  • To improve the functionality of the website
  • To cater to the issues faced by the visitors.

Thus it may be the right time to redesign however to make sure it is here are a few factors you should consider first.

Does redesigning satisfy your business goals?

A website is usually build for a purpose and that purpose is usually to get more traffic to your website and make more number of people aware of your product or services.

In some cases the goal would to make more customers. If it is obvious that the website design lacks the features necessary to achieve your goals or is the website is not performing as per expectations then often redesign is a good option to achieve the business goals.

Redesigning for the customer base:

It is quite common for companies to develop their website with no consideration of who their customers are going to be. By creating a fairly general website you end up attracting the wrong type of traffic or may be too less traffic since there isn’t a lot that interests the targeted audience. Thus it is important the know who is your targeted audience and what message you want to send across.

What content is to be placed on the redesigned Website?

Content has always been an important element of web development.

It is often observed that attention is paid to the website design, however the content is simply reused from their previous website or a website with a similar nature of business. This should never be done. Content is King, as the saying goes and hence the website should be designed with the content in mind.

Benefits of redesigning a website:

Website redesign doesn’t take place quite often for a business website. That said it is necessary that you website is serving the purpose and if it can be optimised in any way if seemed necessary. Here is a short list of benefits of redesigning a website:

  • To update the website with the new technology
  • Make the website more search engine friendly.
  • To find cost cutting techniques.
  • It is often done to reduce the loading time of a website.
  • To improve usability and navigation
  • Gain more visitors and increase sales
  • To make the website compatible on the new versions of the browsers

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