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The Check list to refer to prior to redesigning your website

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 Website Redesign

Taking the decision to redesign your website not an easy one. There are many factors for you to consider, the most common reasons that one redesigns their website are:

  • New content (like products) require a new layout.
  • Keep up with the changing design trends
  • Add more functionality to the website
  • By popular demand of the users

However deciding to redesign is only part of the issue. Since once you do decide to redesign you are faced with several other issues. There are several factors that you will need to consider prior to going ahead with the redesign process. This can make the process of redesigning both confusing and frustrating. Hence have prepared a list of issue that need to be looked into prior to redesigning your website; that will give you that peace of mind.

The Visitors verdict:

In general a website redesign is greatly influenced by the audience as in the visitors to the website. This is usually through feedback received about the website or by talking to the visitors directly. Since at the end of the day the website is for the visitors and it is they who dictate the success of a website; this makes some sense too.

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Thus it is imperative that you put yourself in the shoes of the visitors and look at the redesign ideas from their perspective.

Content Management:

Reviewing the content of the website is very important and there is no better time to do it than when redesigning the website. Although this can be a tricky task since if you edit to much you might end up confusing the visitors. In most cases it is best to play safe and describe your company and products in your own words the way you seem fit, making sure you highly light the main points.


One of the most important elements of website design is the navigation. This is especially true when redesigning the website. The users may already be accustom to the navigation of your website and hence if you introduce a new theme with fancy navigation this is likely to work against you. When it comes to redesigning the navigation it is best to play as safe as possible and to keep things simple with minimal change. However in the case when change is unavoidable, make sure the navigation is not hard to find or decipher.


An important factor while redesigning is the marketing (SEO). There are some things you should never attempt like changing the domain name (URL). It is also a good idea to a quick check on the number of visitors statistics on your existing website prior to redesign. Also perform a quick analysis on the following factors:

  • Popular links and website links ranking in Google.
  • The number of pages indexed
  • The most popular keywords

This knowledge will give you good idea of what to keep and what to change and how to preserve the good and popular sections and still change the design.

Going Responsive:

I am sure no one needs to be told how popular the smart phone is the rate at which it is growing and penetrating the population. The case with mobile phone Internet users is the same. Hence the mobile users cannot ignored. Going responsive is one of the best solutions in this case.

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