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The Basics of Node.JS

NodeJs Development

Node.JS is an open source JavaScript framework. JavaScript is usually associated with client side scripting. Node.JS is a server side scripting environment which is also cross platform.  Hence it is possible to create dynamic web pages using JavaScirpt with the help of Node.JS. The concept of JavaScript everywhere is mainly fueled by Node.JS. This has an event driven architecture that is capable of asynchronous I/O.
The Basics of Node.JS

Features of Node.JS

Node.JS is feature rich JavaScript platform. The main features are as listed here:

  • Node.JS is optimized for use in making Web Servers and networking tools.
  • Node.JS is used to develop many different kinds of modules for file systems I/O, networking (DNS, HTTP, TCP,  TLS/SSL), cryptography, binary data, data streams and many other core functions.
  • Node.JS applications can be developed using alternatives to JavaScript like CoffeeScript, Dart or even TypeScript. These applications can run on several OS like Linux, macOS, Windows, Unix.
  • It has an advantage over PHP where the functions are designed to be non-blocking in the sense the commands execute concurrently or even in parallel.
  • Node.Js uses event-driven programming to develop scripts for web servers. This helps make the web servers faster and more scalable.
  • Node.JS does not use threading. It operates on single thread and uses non-blocking I/O calls. Hence it is possible to support tens of thousands of concurrent connections that do not require threat context switching.
  • Node.JS has a package management that is used to install the Node.JS programs.
  • Node.JS also offers database support with JSON data. It supports databases like, Postgres, MogoDB, CouchDB.
  • Node.JS built on the Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, hence it is very fast.
  • Node.JS does not buffer the data. These applications simply output the data.
  • Node.JS can be used effectively for many different applications like I/O bound, Data Streaming, Data Intensive Real time applications, JSON APIs based applications and even single page applications.
  • Node.Js can be used for applications which are CPU intensive.


Node.JS is used by many firms like GoDaddy, Microsoft, Netflix, Groupon, Walmart, Paypal, Yahoo, SAP, Voxer, etc.
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  • The Basics of Node.JS
Rushik Shah 22 March , 2018

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