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The Ultimate Testing Responsive Design On Mobile Devices

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Adobe Edge is a web development tool developed by Adobe Systems that can enhance the capabilities of its other applications, for example it can enhance the features of Dreamweaver. Adobe has several such tools like Adobe Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Edge Code and the one of interest to us is Edge Inspect.

Adobe Edge Inspect is a very popular tool but in case you are unaware of it, the fact that it was previously known as Adobe Shadow may ring a bell. It was developed as a quick way of previewing a web design on a mobile device with out actually publishing the associated files to a server. This is some times required since even though there a great many emulators and softwares available to test a website on a mobile device but at the end of the day there is no substitute to actually viewing the website on the specific mobile device and being sure that it works just fine.

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This works for both iOS and Andriod mobile devices which can be connected to the computer and then the device will display the same site using its native reader and presentation modes. Adobe Edge Inspect sends the files required to the device connected and then it is rendered and displayed. The Adobe Edge suite allows changes to be made in real time and even screen-shots to be taken.

At Alakmalak we are aware of these issues and tirelessly work towards making your website available and ready for all platforms ranging from the desktop to just about any mobile device and thus making it responsive to the resolution it is working against. It is our experience that has led us into successfully satisfying a great many customers what ever the requirement may be.

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Looking outsource Website Design & Development Work? Alakmalak is a web development company in India that offers services for several technologies. There have been around for a very long time and have developed over 2500 projects for clients all around the world. They have highly skilled web developers with a great deal of experience.

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