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Introduction to SSL Certificates for E-Commerce

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Zencart is an open source, ecommerce software which is available for free download. It is a versatile software and a lot of effort has gone into the development of this open source. By itself it consists of a full-fledged shopping cart that is ready to use once installed. It is likely that you require a custom design or layout for the shopping cart which may also involve some custom coding. The coding however is slightly complicated for people with less or no experience in programming and thus is best left to the professionals. You can Hire a Zen Cart developer to help you out with your custom requirements thus making it easier for you to configure it to suit your needs. Alakmalak is one such company that is involved in Zen Cart development in India.

Secure Your Site With SSL

Besides having the basic Zen Cart set up it is also necessary to have it secure. With the Zen Cart setup you must be all prepared to accept payment on the website. The customers visiting the website will first check if the information they are providing in terms of the credit card information is not at risk of being leaked to the wrong people. Thus they need to know that the website is secure. If your website is secure and it is clearly mentioned that it is secure via a image of a the certificate linked to the main certificate, then the customers will confidently purchase from your website. Hence it is important to have a SSL certificate which can secure the important pages providing a secured transaction.

SSL Protection for Your Site

After making sure that you have SSL enabled for your domain you need to load your website via FTP and download two different files from two different places, mind you they both have the same name though. You need to download the following two files:

After downloading these files you need to edit them in a PHP editor. You need to look for the line with the code mentioned below in both the files…

Define(‘ENABLE_SSL’ , false);

Replace the above with the code below:

Define(‘ENABLE_SSL’ , true);

That is it, you have SSL enabled and now your pages are secure. When you visit the admin panel or if you login from the user side you will notice that SSL will be enabled in the sense that the URL will change to ‘https’ and a lock symbol will appear in the status bar letting you know that it is a secured page.

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