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How to Setup Attributes That Impact on Products Price of PrestaShop?

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PrestaShop is an ecommerce software which is also free to download. This is a fairly recent open source that is also an ecommerce software. In spite of that it has risen in popularity pretty fast. This is due to the many unique feature that is has to offer.

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Amongst the many unique features one such feature is the part where you add the attributes. This section has been ingeniously designed to improve the usability and lessen the expert level of the basic user.

Thus you do not need to be a rocket scientist to be able to operate this section and can easily accomplish it with basic computer skills. This section is explained in this article as will become evident. I wouldn’t go as far as to saying that you will never require a PrestaShop developer to help you out since if you do require minor to major customizations, depending on your level of expertise you may require professional help.

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This is where Alakmalak comes in who provide such services.

The attributes can be setup such that they affect the product price. It is assumed that you already have attributes setup inside the shop. The followings steps need to be followed:

1. You need to first login to the admin panel and select the admin menu option Catalog Products.

Catalog Products

Catalog Products
2. This will display a list of your products from which you need to click the product you want to add the attribute to.

List of Your Products

List of Your Products
3. You should click the combination tab from the left menu on the page that loads after that.

Add or modify Combinations for this Products

Add or modify Combinations for this Products
4. The combinations can be added in two different methods. You can hit the product combination generator button to add the attributes automatically or manually add each attribute as per choice.

Product Combination Generator

Product Combination Generator
5. If you hit the ‘Product Combination Generator’ button it will automatically allow you to generate all the possibilities.

6. That is pretty much it; you can change the price and weight options however once that is done all you need to do is click on the button at the bottom, ‘Generate these combinations’ to automatically generate them.

Combination Generator

Combination Generator
7. If you prefer doing it manually then you need to will need to hit the New Combination button after going to the combination tab.

New Combination Generator

New Combination Generator
8. This page will allow you to add the attribute name and its values along with several other option like price, weight. In addition to which there are special fields like impact on price and impact on weight which are the fields that affect the overall price of the product based on this attribute.

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9. It is also possible to select from various different images and select when the product is going to be available.

This is pretty much it; these are the simple steps you need to follow in order to add attributes that affect the price of the product.

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