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How to Create a Newsletter in Magento?

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Magento is an e-commerce software and is also an open source software. It has become quite popular in recent times due to the innumerable amount of features that it offers. Besides which there are also several extensions available to add to that. Of the many feature that Magento offers the Newsletter is one of them.

To make sure you can offer this service on your website you need to make sure it is enabled by going to the admin menu System –> Configuration –> Advanced –> Disabled Modules Output and set Mage_Newsletter to ‘enable’.

How to Create a Newsletter in Magento?

Manage Newsletter
In addition to which you need to make sure that the SMTP settings in the admin panel System –> Configuration –> Advanced –> System is valid.

To actually configure the Newsletter you need to goto System –> Configuration and select the Newsletter option in the Customers tab on the left side column. There are several settings need to be taken into account here. From selection of template to the finer settings of the Newsletter is what you configure here.

configure the Newsletter

Configure the Newsletter
It is now necessary to create the newsletter itself. You can do so by going to the admin menu option Newsletter –> Newsletter Templates and hit the ‘Add New Template’ button. A new template can be designed using the tools at your disposal.

Add New Template

Add New Template
This newsletter thus developed now needs to be sent to all your subscribers. This can be done from the admin panel menu Newsletter –> Newsletter Queue. You can select the newsletter and queue it by selecting the date when you want to send it.

Newsletter Queues

Newsletter Queues
Queue Date Start

Queue Date Start
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