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SEO Tips for Magento 2 e-Commerce

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Magento is an eCommerce software that has been written in PHP. It is an open source software and is available as a free download. There are several other versions of Magento available which come at a cost like the cloud version. Although Magento is comparatively a new eCommerce software, it is already one of the most popular eCommerce software.

Tips to Better Implement SEO


  • Duplicate Content ProblemsDuplicate content in a website is caused due to many different reasons. This is mainly to do with the listing of the products in many different ways. For example, during product filtering, product sorting it often happens that that same product may be listed in different URLS. It is also likely that the same product may be listed in multiple categories. Duplicate content on a website has a negative effect when it comes to search engine results and hence should usually be avoided.

    It is possible to overcome this issue by change a setting in the Admin Panel.The setting is located Stores >> Configuration >> Catalog >> Catalog >> Search Engine Optimization (setting). This setting needs to be enabled.

  • Product Images OptimizationThe images used in the website should always have appropriate ‘alt-tag’ and ‘captions’. In addition to this it also pays to have a good file name. The images and videos can be managed from the Magento Admin Panel.
  • Setting Up XML Sitemap
    A sitemap goes a long way in improving the search engine friendliness of a website. The XML sitemap lists all the pages of a website in hierarchical order. Besides being able to display the sitemap in good graphical display, it is also possible for the search engines to read this which works to the advantage of the website.

    The XML Sitemap can be configured from the Magento Admin Panel like here:
    Stores >> Settings >> Configuration >> Catalog >> XML Sitemap.

  • Search Friendly URLs
    Implementing search engine friendly URLs is the most basic step to SEO optimization. Magento has simplified this my allowing you to enable search engine friendly URLs from the admin panel like:
    Stores >> Configuration >> General >> Web
  • Improving Website Loading Time
    It is possible to speed up the Magento Website by enabling the caching feature via admin panel System >> Cache Management. Also enable flat categories and products from the admin panel Stores >> Catalog >> Catalog. In addition to this it also is a good idea to merge the JavaScript and CSS files. This too can be done from the Magento Admin Panel like Stores >> Configuration >> Advanced >> Developer.


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