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Securing Your WordPress Website From The Hackers

Wordpress Web Development

WordPress security has become a huge concern these days with most of the website owners. There are a lot of things that happen to a WordPress site getting hacked by vulnerabilities. When a site is hacked, the following things can happen to it:

WordPress Development

  • The site gets redirected to malware sites
  • Code gets injected to your WordPress database
  • Several posts and pages get published having spam codes
  • Files on the server get modified
  • Users with administrative authority get added to your WordPress database

It will be a big mess when these things happen to your site and will take hours to get back to normal. But the fact is that WordPress sites are much more secure than the other online sites if you take up a few steps of precautions. So, here we list you with a few points on how to secure your WordPress website from hackers.

WordPress Security Hacks

  • Be clear and protect against DDoS attacks

The DDoS attack is a common type of malfunctioning where the hacker uses multiple programs and systems to overload your server. This attack is mainly for crashing your site for a long period if not taken any actions against it. This normally happens to giant companies like GitHub or Target. Signing up for the premium plans could resolve this problem out, wherein the web applications analyze bandwidth usage and block out the DDoS attacks completely.

  • Using your Email to login

To log in to WordPress, you will have to provide a username. But instead of providing a username, it’s always much safer to login with your email ID. Predicting a username is easier, while the latter won’t be possible. Several WordPress security plugins make use of setting up a login page so that the users have to provide email id for login purposes.

  • Renaming your Login URL

We have already restricted the user login attempts with the use of a username and are recommending you to use instead of your email id as its more secure. So, is it with replacing the login URL, thereby getting rid of 99% of direct brute force from the hackers. Changing the URL is an easy way to prevent hacking and can be done by using the aptly named plugin WPS Hide Login.

  • Move your WordPress site to SSL/HTTPS

One of the best ways to harden your WordPress security is to install an SSL certificate and running it over HTTPS. The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure i.e. HTTPS allows your browser to connect securely with a website.

  • Change the Database Prefix

Using a clever database name is a safe way to harden your WordPress security. By changing your database name to some more complicated one, it will be harder for the hacker to predict it and access your data. The same is it with changing the database prefix.

  • Work with Good Hosts

A reliable, safe, and high-quality host can solve your problems of getting hacked. It’s always best to switch to a different host that’s more secure if your present one isn’t taking your website security seriously. The more you pay for it; the better will be the new host’s security.


So here we have listed some of the important points on how to secure WordPress website from hackers. The fact is that the more you care for your WordPress, the harder will it be for the hacker to hack your website. So always take a little time to check your website, do the needful for better security, and do check them on and off.


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Rushik Shah 11 June , 2020

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