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Knowing These 9 Secret Web Design Elements Will Determine Revenue Growth

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If you own a company, your website is unquestionably one of the most
important resources you can use to attract more – and better – clients and
customers. So, what distinguishes a decent website from a mediocre one?

Here are nine characteristics that a great website must possess.

You can find the following valuable tips useful:

1. Layout

The overall appearance of your website is, of course, an important aspect of
web design. These broad words cover a wide variety of reactions you want
your website visitors to have. Since first impressions matter, you want to
impress your target audience as soon as the page loads.

2. Headline

The headline should summarise the content of the page. Do not attempt to
retell the story of your website in a single sentence and call it a headline.
Instead of trying to summarise the entire body of work in a single sentence,
pick the most fascinating or interesting idea and use it as the basis for your

3. Include high-quality imagery, good typography, and be cohesive in
your design.

It takes just half-second for a visitor to determine whether or not to stay on
your website. As a result, the first impression is crucial, and you must capture
their attention! It’s important to use high-quality graphics, decent typography and to keep the design unified. Clutter can only distract from a visitor’s experience and cause
them to leave your site.

4. Include Valuable Calls to Action

A call to action is a term used in web design and specifically in user experience
(UX) to describe elements on a web page that encourage the user to take
action. The most common type of call to action in web interfaces is clickable
buttons. “Call to Action” is a term that prompts the consumer to take action,
such as “Buy this now” or “Learn more..” on a web page.

5. User-Friendly Design

Your audience and clients should be at the forefront of your mind when you
build your website. Users are more likely to connect and communicate with
your website if the navigation is easy. The user-friendliness of your website affects your overall search engine ranking.

6. Create a consistent branding style

Brand consistency refers to the delivery of brand messaging over time that is
consistent with the brand’s personality, values, and strategy. Consistency
ensures that your target audience is subjected to key messages, visual
messaging, and other brand elements regularly, which will help them
remember your brand. Significant main factors include customer experience,
values, and brand identity elements.

7. Do better than your competitor

You want the website to stand out from the competition. If your website is old,
incomplete, and of low quality, your rivals will outrank you. They’re well-
the designed website would outperform yours.
As a result, you’ll be losing market share to your competitors. Get your
website superior to theirs.

8. Number of colors you incorporate in your design 

Color schemes and color usage are very significant in modern web design,
even though they may seem fundamental. A good color palette can aid in the
creation of consistency for all of your company’s products.

9. Speed Optimization

Speed optimization is a critical design aspect that should not be ignored.
People expect stuff to load instantly in today’s technology or they’ll abandon
ship three seconds later and never return. You don’t want prospects, and it
leads to thinking negatively about your company because your website is


Since any website competes with other million websites on the internet, it
cannot afford anything less than the most powerful and aesthetically pleasing
practicable design. Use these rules as a set of best practices when addressing
design proposals, and continue to construct creatively. Remember that your partnership with your web designer will most likely last as long as your business, so make an informed choice!

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