Brief look at why responsive web design is the best solution for a SEO optimized mobile websites any day

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Why Responsive Design is good for SEOMobiles and tablets and slowly becoming well-integrated into our daily lives. It doesn’t take a lot of research to figure out that many people use their mobile devices for many different things on the internet these days. That said here are a few statistics to hold our claim.

  • The mobile internet penetration in 2013 was 73% and this number is on the rise.
  • There are millions of desktop users and mobile users. However, as per the recent statistics, the total number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users this year (2014).
  • Another study was conducted on which device is used to make Internet searches. It was found that a computer, smartphone, tablet and game consoles topped the list. Furthermore, it said that 80% of internet users owned a smartphone.
  • Mobile devices are used by many to perform their product research prior to purchase. How do most of them do this? 48% of us do it via search engines on our mobile, 33% of us directly refer to the brand website and approximately 26% use the brand Apps.

Hence if you are planning to rely a great deal on SEO as a part of your Digital Marketing strategy making your website responsive becomes essential. Even otherwise a responsive website will make a big difference.

The facts are quite straightforward as mentioned via the statistics earlier in this article. We have already witnessed more mobile phone users than desktop ones. But this is about to change further. It is expected that the number of searches made from a mobile device will far exceed those from any other platform by the end of next year. With facts and statistics like these why even consider not going responsive. Going responsive is more important from the SEO perspective as well.

The Google perspective:

When it comes to internet searches there is one dominant website and that is Google. It is safe to say Google is the king of search engines with approximately 70% of the searches being done via Google. Thus when Google gives pieces of advice on which kind of websites make it to the top of their search results and rank good then it is a good idea to stop and listen to what they have to say.

And what Google says is that it recommends responsive web design, but that is not all. In fact, according to Google responsive web design is the website industry’s best practice. The reason why responsive websites make a big difference is because there is only one URL which uses the same HTML code no matter which device you use to view the website. Thus if Google has to crawl only one URL to index your website and organize the content it increases the efficiency of the Google Crawl and this is reflected in any searches made on Google as well. This is something that seems quite obvious as well. If you have multiple URLs for different platforms it means you are requesting Google to crawl multiple versions of the same time to index just one website.

It is not just about how the crawling takes place and about efficiency but there are more factors too for choosing a responsive design. One of the other main reasons is that if you do have multiple websites, a different website for each platform then your content is also spread over multiple locations. Thus mobile user shares the mobile version of the website while the desktop user a different version. The mobile user in turn does not get as good as a browsing experience as the desktop user. And when it comes to ranking and SEO, Google rates user experiences pretty high.

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One too many:

Although “One to many” is more of a relational database terminology it is perfect when it comes to website development. I am referring to the fact that if you opt for a responsive website, what it effectively means is that you are going to be developing one website using the responsive technique and it going to be viewable on several platforms.


  • Need a website that is viewable in a correct manner on several platforms.
  • The only alternative other than to opt for a responsive website is to make a different website for every platform.
  • If you are counting the number of platforms off the top of your head, then you are most likely to consider Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.

That is correct to some extent. But that doesn’t mean that you will need to make only three more websites. The face of the matter is that Android has several releases of its OS and if it works on the latest version 5.0 doesn’t mean that it is going to work on the previous OS versions. Butt is only the tip of the iceberg. Because not everyone’s mobile phone will have the same screen size.

Each new screen size will require a different version of the website. A tablet will require a very different version since it has a much bigger screen than a mobile. Hence there is an alternative but it is not very practical.

SEO nightmare:

It is hard enough to spend all that effort getting one website to the top of the Google rankings but imagine if one website has several platforms to handle. The SEO strategy for a website with several versions of the same is bound to be different and require more effort. Besides once you do develop your strategy to optimize the grand website (if there are more than versions) you will also have to put in the effort to maintain each version of the website both, from a web development perspective as well as an SEO perspective. Hence it is a good idea to go down this path and to avoid this SEO nightmare by sticking to a responsive design website.

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The changing and evolving world of Search Engine Optimization makes the going hard, especially for those of us who are not in the field and are trying to take a stab at it and also for those who are new to the field.

Changing the face of SEO what is becoming blatantly clear is the fact responsive website designs will be more effective. The ways of the world are changing with the advent of the mobile phone.

A mobile device is something that almost every has now and an increasing number of them are now smartphones as well. What this means is that a larger number of people have the ability to use the Internet on their mobile devices.

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