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9 Reasons that make ReactJS one the best choices for Web App Development

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For front end development ReactJS framework is a good option. This flexible JavaScript
library has been developed by Facebook. It helps you create web applications that are
fast and simple and ones that have scalable frontends.
Here are some reasons that will convince you that ReactJS is the best choice for your
web app development.

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ReactJS is Responsive – Mobile Friendly:
The app has to be mobile friendly as only then you can leverage maximum benefits from
the application. When you make use of the ReactJS framework, you can be sure of
building an application that is mobile responsive.

With ReactJS, you can build a rich UI (interface):
If you want your app to be successful, then you just cannot compromise on the quality of
the user interface. ReactJS has declarative components that help you build rich
interfaces that have good quality.

Upliftment of developers’ productivity is possible with ReactJS:
ReactJS comes with the component reusability feature, which makes redeployment of
the same digital objects. It is a simple process that makes maintenance of code easier,
and it also helps to improve the developer’s productivity.

ReactJS is used for dynamic page updating:
Does your app have too many dynamic web components? Then you must choose
ReactJS for app development. This is because, in the case of apps developed with this
framework, when one component is updated, the other related components are updated

VDOM highlight permits developers to develop advanced UI:
Virtual DOM or VDOM is one of the most important features of ReactJS. In this case, in
the memory, the representation of the UI component is kept. Then the library will sync
it with the real DOM. This feature helps the developer to develop advanced UI, and the
developer can develop apps that have high performance.

Super-quick Rendering is an important aspect of ReactJS:

In the case of a high load complex app, the structure of the app can have an effect on the
performance of the app. Therefore, if the developer is building a complex app, then he
needs to define the app structure at the beginning. But with ReactJS, one can easily build
a high load web application. With the Virtual DOM feature, the developer can first test
all the changes on this virtual representation of the DOM, and this can help him check
the risk involved with each modification.

Component Style Architecture of ReactJS:
In the case of ReactJS, it is possible to reuse the components as it has component style
architecture. This helps to bring down the maintenance cost of the app at a later stage.

In ReactJS, you can load many third-party components:
While building an app, you may have to load a third-party library for a particular
component. ReactJS will let you load third-party components.

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ReactJS allows writing custom components:
With the Syntax extension JSX, it is possible for the developer to write components.
These components accept HTML quoting.

As you can see that ReactJS is an excellent frontend framework. It has many important
features due to which developers prefer to use it in the development of web

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