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Top 10 reasons of outsourcing to India in IT after Covid-19

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From the past few decades, because of its high Return on Investment (ROI) outsourcing has become a popular, advantageous, and most beneficial option for businesses all across the globe. COVID-19.

This is the most positive and negative word at the same time in the whole world at the moment. The effect of this pandemic on human life is unpredictable and incalculable and it still continues to grow.

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There’s a huge and serious impact of this buzzing and booming word Covid-19 on domestic and international businesses in many sectors across the countries. Since the IT companies are spread overseas and with work not getting done, the IT outsourcing sector is also greatly affected but has become more relevant after Covid-19.

Over the years businesses based in the western countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia are outsourcing their work to the Asian countries such as China, Philippines, Japan, and India. But after Covid-19, as we all know the world doesn’t seem to have trust and boycotting chinese countries.

In this way, India has emerged as the most preferred destination for IT outsourcing.

Whether you want to streamline, increase or boost growth your business, outsourcing to India can and will be the perfect solution and decision for you.

For all those who are planning to outsource, there must be so many questions are going on in your mind right now that’s why we have put together the top reasons and outsourcing guide that will tell you everything you need to think and know about your costs, calculations, savings and confusions for a successful outsourcing relationship.

Here are some reasons why you should outsource to India after Covid-19


1. World-Class Competitive IT Infrastructure and Latest Technology

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Nowadays, Indian agencies are heavily focusing on the advanced IT infrastructure and latest technology to provide high quality solutions such as custom web development solutions, mobile app development solutions, software development solutions etc. The internet and mobile networks in India are also well-developed in the upcoming developed companies that provide software and web development outsourcing services.

2. Deeply Vast Ocean of Young Talents

India has the second largest population in the world and is a huge populated country with around 1.3 billion people. Over 50 percent of India’s population is under the age of 25 years and almost 60 percent of Indians are between the age of 15 to 50 years.

Every year, India produces a huge talent pool. India’s professionals are not only talented,creative, innovative, but also young. India produces graduates and post graduates with a large number of millions, as well as a large proportion of the population is young.

There was a shortage of highly skilled manpower in the other countries which India seemed to fill. Thus, India offers an opportunity to access a larger young talent pool to the businesses around the world to outsource web development, software development or any other project to India.

3. Extremely Cheap, Lasting and Cost Saving

Money is at the core of all reasons for outsourcing and even lower costs directly have an impact and it also increases the ROI. Instead of hiring professionals, outsourcing to India will be the most cost effective and cost saving. This is possible because of the cost of hiring developers in India much lower than the other developed countries. For example, if you hire a software developer in the United States or any other country it will cost you around 75 to 150 US dollars per hour, whereas in India it is not difficult to find a good quality professional developer at the cost of only fifteen dollars per hour.

4. High Quality and Quantity Services

Indian outsourcing companies are known not only for providing consistent high quality services, but also for quantity with the quality. With world-class IT infrastructure and experts, committed and experienced professionals ensure the high quality and quantity product services and this has made India at the top position among the most preferred destinations for outsourcing web and software development. Remember, by outsourcing to India you will be able to lower cost but not the quality.

5. Easy and Fast Communication

Language is a major concern and Communication is another reason and the most vital factor while outsourcing because better planning, strategies and execution all these are dependent on effective, easy and fast communication.

If you want to outsource web development and software development or any project to India, but you are afraid and having questions of how will you communicate with the team, then take a chill pill because communicating with the remote developers in India is not a problem as India is the second largest english speaking nation in the world. Thus you will have access to abundant english speaking manpower as Indians can easily communicate in the english language. As well as a large number of tools are available such as Skype, Zoom, Hangouts etc for the fast and facilitating communication.

6. Indian Government’s Supportive and Outsourcing Friendly Policies

India is an economically and politically stable country. India knows that outsourcing is one of the main sources of foreign income for Indian economy.

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Hence, Indian Government is very much supportive of the policies related to IT industries.

The outsourcing policies are very much flexible and also considered highly favorable by the statistics as India’s growth in outsourcing from the last ten years is immense. The Indian Government considers IT as one of the top industries and to support the growth of the IT industry, the Government offers many tax related benefits and smooth services to control cybercrime.

7. Round The Clock Productivity and Better Customer Support

Outsourcing to India will give you round the clock productivity and also better customer support in spite of different time zones. India provides the benefit of round the clock service because the time zones in the US and the other western countries are different. Hence, when you are done with your work there, and the remote developers are working on your project here. Regardless of the various advantages and benefits of outsourcing, round the clock work cycle will give you more productivity and ensure the timely
and urgent project delivery.

8. Committed and Hard-Working Professionals

While outsourcing to India’s development company, your project will be handled by the committed and hard working professionals whose only motto is 100% customer satisfaction with the final product. One of the best things about India is that people are willing to work at odd hours and they are flexible to work at their client’s hours. They are always ready to work in extra time period in order to complete the project on time before the deadlines and this flexibility is a major advantage of India.

9. Faster and On-Time Project Delivery

Because of the committed and dedicated team of timely flexible professionals, Indian outsourcing companies are acknowledged worldwide for its fast and on time project delivery. Many times, projects are completed and delivered earlier than expected because the different time zones and flexible committed professionals are important helping factors for the faster project delivery.

10. You Will Have More Time to Focus on Your Core Business

By outsourcing some of their tasks to the outsourcing companies, you will be able to save your most valuable time and help you to utilize that time to focus on your core business and competencies.

Sometimes the company’s own staff is not entirely skilled at all the tasks so the best thing you would do is to outsource those things to the people who are really talented and skilled at it. In this way, the company’s staff will not have to waste time, money and energy to do the work they’re not skilled at.

In this scenario, eventually they can concentrate on their core business and other competencies for the business growth.

By considering the above reasons, you can clearly understand why India has become the most preferred destination and the IT outsourcing hub for businesses across the world.

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Outsourcing to India in IT after Covid-19 will never be a bad idea for you because Indian firms cater to the demanding needs of overseas clients and execute critical projects in a seamless manner.


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