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Provide a better Website experience with Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Design opens many doors by allowing dynamic changes to basic structure and layout of your website. These changes occur based on the size and resolution and orientation of the screen. Thus responsive web design (RWD) has the ability to solve the issue of creating multiple websites for multiple platforms. It does this by allowing us to create just one common website for all platforms and dynamically changing the appearance as seemed fit to the respective devices be it a desktop PC or a mobile device of any size.

Creating a wonderful experience:

There was time when content was delivered across the Internet in the most basic form, “text”. There was little use of images and almost no formal layout of any kind. The aim was just to get the information across. This was the case with many popular websites like Yahoo which had an all text interface for the email but got the job done.

But this is a different age, the age where digital information is a part of our daily lives and where the technological advancements make it possible to display information in many fancy ways and where Internet speed is no longer such a big issue.

However we have gone a step forward again. Now there are multiple devices with many different screen sizes that are used to access the Internet. So far we were living in a world that was simply expecting the mobile Internet users to surpass all other Internet users. But now it has actually happened. The number of mobile Internet users are more than those on any other device like desktop PC, etc.

Furthermore extra stress is being laid on the usability of the website as well. Even Google’s search algorithm is said to be tweaked to support the websites that are more user friendly while providing the search results.

Responsive website Design


Hence it is now in the best interest of just about any business to create a website that is usable on all the platforms, desktop as well as mobile. The easy way of doing this is opting for a Responsive Web design which is growing in popularity. In addition to which more advancements have also been made in the way responsive websites are designed.

Alakmalak is a web development firm that has been around for a while. They were quick to adopt the responsive web design concept and hence now a responsive web design company. Having developed more than 2000 websites for several clients across the globe they are in a position to understand the client’s requirements better. This helped them to be one of the first companies to offer mobile responsive web design and there has been no looking back since then.

  • How can I get better Website experience with Responsive Web Design
  • Provide a better Website experience with Responsive Web Design

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