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Pros and Cons Of Choosing Laravel Framework Over PHP Development

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Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is available as a free download. It uses an MVC architecture pattern and implements a modular packaging system. It has a dedicated dependency manager and several different methods of accessing the database. Although Laravel is a comparatively new PHP framework it has risen to popularity very fast. It is now one of the most popular PHP frameworks around along with Symfony, CodeIgnitor, Yii2.

Pros and Cons Of Choosing Laravel Framework Over PHP Development

PHP language has been developed especially for the Internet. As per the recent statistics collected more than 50% of the websites have been developed using PHP. With the release of PHP 7, PHP now has many advanced features to develop state-of-the-art websites. There are also several frameworks that have been developed using PHP like Laravel.

Advantages Of Using Laravel Framework

There are many people who prefer to use a PHP framework over core PHP. Laravel happens to be one of the most popular PHP frameworks and hence many people pick this. Here are the advantages of doing so:

– Laravel framework is considered to be a big-time saver since it has a rich set of features, advanced tools that can be used by the PHP developer. It also promotes code reuse.

– With frameworks in general and also with the Laravel popular framework, there will be a set of rules to follow during the development of the website. These rules mainly depend on the architecture of the framework. Since Laravel uses the MVC framework and a modular architecture the coders are encouraged to use the object-oriented programming approach in the MVC style to develop their code

-Since there are set rules to follow during development, it comes in handy when there is more than one developer working on the code or there is a change in the developer.

– Laravel encourages good coding and makes sure the coder follows the MVC structure separating the business logic from the layout (template).

Benefits Of Using Core PHP

For those who use several languages to develop applications, using core PHP instead of a PHP framework like Laravel makes more sense. There are many developers that prefer to use core PHP and here are the benefits of doing so:

– Core PHP allows the coder more flexibility over a PHP framework like Laravel.

– Laravel has an advanced model that needs to be followed for the development of a website and encourages good coding. On the other hand, core PHP allows you to develop good object-oriented code without any restrictions or limitations as those exist in a framework.

– In order to develop a feature that requires advanced coding skills, core PHP has the upper edge since doing it in Laravel would mean learning how to achieve that code in the Laravel structure, which at times can be a steep learning curve.

– For those who develop applications using many languages and are experts in PHP, coding in PHP comes naturally. However, if a website needs to be developed using a framework, it is almost like learning a new language since there are a set of rules to follow that come with many restrictions.

-A PHP framework like Laravel does encourage a good coding format, however for those who always follow good coding practices, core PHP might be faster.

The Verdict

It is equally good to develop a website using core PHP or a framework like Laravel. The main factor to look out for when choosing how to code a website is the type of project or website. For example, there are several open-source eCommerce software like Magento which is built on the Zend Framework. Thus if a firm requires an eCommerce website to be developed in a quick time, they will be likely to choose using Magento. Laravel framework has many features that can be useful and speed up development and at the same time make it less dependent on a specific type of developer. Thus many firms do tend to prefer their website be developed using Laravel PHP Framework.

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