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Top 10 Popular Prestashop modules Used in 2021

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The Christmas season is rapidly approaching. It’s that time of year when e-retailers hunt for every possible way to entice consumers and increase revenue.

The Christmas season generates high online sales compared to those generated throughout the year. According to the NRF, Christmas sales are predicted to increase by around 4% in 2021 compared to 2020. If you own a PrestaShop shop, these are the top ten popular PrestaShop modules extensions you should install to increase your Christmas sales.

1. Prestashop One Page Checkout

Don’t let a long and confusing checkout slow down your conversions during busy holiday hours. A one-page checkout replaces the multi-step checkout.

Prestashop One Page Checkout simplifies the checkout process by consolidating all information on a single page. It supports all major payment methods and delivery services on online stores, including Guest Checkout and Social Login (through Facebook, Google, and PayPal).

A retailer can also customize the checkout process to make it more comfortable for customers.

2. PrestaShop Abandoned Cart

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart is one of the most useful PrestaShop add-ons during the holidays.

During the Christmas season, brands see a spike in abandoned carts. Those figures might cost you a lot of money. You can’t avoid cart abandonment, but you can recoup some lost purchases, and even a little reduction in the abandonment of cart rate may add up to a lot of income.

The PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Addon helps you recover lost revenue by tracking and chasing abandoned cart users. This PrestaShop addon lowers cart abandonment, increasing Mobile conversions.

3. Professional Blog Module

If you’re a company owner who also blogs, this module is for you. Unique material can be shared with consumers using a Professional Blog Module. It improves SEO ranks. So you can improve your store’s SEO and build customer loyalty.

  • Create completely customizable blog posts
  • Use meta tags & description
  • Upload an infinite amount of photos
  • Add, update, and remove categories and subcategories
  • Import news from WordPress blogs
  • Use a bilingual system

4. PayPal Instant Checkout

When you visit a product page or the shopping cart page, this Prestashop module will display a button that says ”Instant payment with PayPal” With this simple-to-integrate button, you can make it simpler for your consumers to complete their purchases and lower your cart abandonment rate.

5. PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program

Referral programs can increase e-commerce revenues. With the Christmas season coming, you might create a referral program that rewards consumers for successfully referring friends, family, and relatives to your company.

The PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program extension allows you to run such a program in your shop. As an affiliate, a consumer may suggest friends and earn money when they successfully register or make a purchase.

Not only that we can incorporate other marketing options like discount mode, coupon code, free shipping, email marketing, affiliate programs, and gift wrapping.

6. Frequently Asked Questions Page

Every online shop needs a FAQ page. Having one not only improves the shopping experience for consumers with questions but also minimizes customer support calls.

This decreases your burden and allows you or your workers to focus on more vital activities. The fact that not every consumer who can’t find an answer will contact support also helps your conversion rate. This makes the Frequently Asked Questions Page module’s original cost worthwhile.

7. re Captcha – Anti Spam

re Captcha – Anti Spam can help businesses that are tired of spam emails and registrations. This plugin will greatly enhance shop security and save store owners the hassle of manually eliminating bot messages. Must include these features:

  • Fully automatic spam removal
  • Advanced security
  • No need to duplicate anti-robot code
  • Simplified installation

8. PrestaShop Store Locator and Pickup

Another module to keep an eye out for throughout the Christmas season is the PrestaShop Store Locator and Pickup.

During the Christmas season, goods delivery is excessively slow, causing consumers to lose patience. Due to the volume of orders, it becomes difficult for shipping companies to deliver each good in a timely manner.

Customers are also fully aware of this. In these instances, the PrestaShop Store Locator and Pickup plugin take care of business fairly easily.

If you have various locations for your businesses, you may show them on the front end of your website and enable clients to choose the closest store to avoid having to wait too long for their order to be delivered. Customers can pick up their purchases at a nearby shop.

9. SmartrMail

SmartrMail is the simplest approach to please your consumers and increase revenue. While we might be prejudiced, we believe it’s worth installing and testing out.

Email is the most cost-effective and successful marketing medium for retailers and SmartrMail makes it simple.

Installing the plugin creates a personalized email template based on your online shop design. You can start emailing right immediately with pre-made email flows for best practices, including abandoned carts, welcome series, and win-back campaigns.

Other features include a pop-up to gather extra emails, a drag-and-drop flow builder, and Facebook custom audiences sync. All of this comes with a 15-day free trial and a free plan for customers under 1,000.

10. PrestaShop Gift Card Manager

This Christmas season, when clients will be overburdened with buying, simplify their chores and save them time by giving the Gift Card option.

PrestaShop Gift Card Manager enables you to build a variety of different gift card themes for a variety of different events. Additionally, it includes pre-designed gift card layouts for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. You can give your gift cards a festive flair to help you get into the holiday mood and increase your holiday sales.

Allow consumers to share their love with your gift cards. Not only can gift cards enhance your holiday sales, but they are also the most effective approach to promoting brand exposure.

That’s all from us. Check our page to know more about the execution and practical functioning.


Thus, this concludes our popular ranking of the best PrestaShop modules for 2021. We hope that it will assist you in simplifying the store management procedure after the PrestaShop transfer and enhancing the shopping experience for your clients. Make the most out of the available options using PrestaShop modules. Let us know if you have any other concerns regarding any PrestaShop modules here.

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