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Prepare your WordPress websites for Facebook Instant Articles

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Prepare your WordPress websites for Facebook Instant Articles

Introduction to Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles is one of the more recently launched features by Facebook. This is used for collaborating news and content publishers. A publisher can select one of the articles to publish. This article once published is available on Facebook for people to view. Here are a few facts about Facebook Instant articles:

  • Facebook is prepared to give 100 percent of the ad revenue to the publishers if they sell the add. In the case where the ad is sold through Facebook network, Facebook takes only 30 percent.
  • The Publisher controls their Instant Facebook Article post; In addition to this it can also run on the publisher’s own website.
  • There are several technical advantages of using Facebook Instant Articles, one being that it has a good loading time.
  • The instant articles are available on mobile. They can be published on individual pages and on the Instant Articles Library.
  • Instant Facebook Articles has a feature called hype video. This video feature is amazing and very feature rich with features like auto play, interactive maps, and view angles.
  • One of the amazing feature is that when an article is published on Instant Articles, it does not automatically correspond to the Facebook page. However, it will redirect to the article’s URL the visitors view the article form respective Facebook page from a mobile app.
  • Facebook Instant Articles give you full control over the articles you publish.
  • Facebook Instant Articles can be configured for a blog. For websites like WordPress and other CMS software there are plugins available, however if you have a simple HTML blog then the configuration needs to be done manually.

Tips to prepare WordPress Website for Facebook Instant Articles

The Facebook Instant Article program has been open to all content publishers since April 12th 2016. Hence there are many people taking advantage of this, even the bloggers. Thus here are a few tips to configure your WordPress website for Facebook Instant Articles.

  • Facebook Instant Articles would be favourable for organizations who can generate over 50 posts for an RSS feed.
  • In order to join Facebook instant articles program there steps to take.
  • First make sure the organization has Facebook page and a business manager account setup. In addition to this, you will also need the Facebook Pages app which is available from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store.
  • It is necessary to build an RSS feed for Instant Articles. A specially formatted RSS feed needs to be generated this purpose. There is a plugin available from GitHub that does just that. The one for WordPress is expected to available soon. This plug-in once installed needs to be configured too.
  • Setting up the feeds is also quite a task. Facebook Instant Articles expects the blog to have at least 50 posts, in addition to which it will only consider the posts that have been updated in the last 24 hours.

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