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Placing your Joomla website in maintenance mode

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Joomla support maintenance

Joomla is an open source software which is free to download from their website. It can be downloaded and installed by just about any one. Joomla has a very user friendly interface and the installation procedure is also quite easy to follow with all the steps that it has. Being intuitive and simple in design even the novice users can quickly grasp the correct method of navigating yourself around the website.

You can either make your own Joomla website; be it a content management system, a blog or an ecommerce website. Alternatively you have the option of getting it developed by a professional Joomla Web developer. Alakmalak is one such web development company and also involved in Joomla Web Development and would be glad to help you out.

Once you website is developed you can add new features down the line in case you have new requirements. Joomla has a very good interface for adding new plugins and functionality that is easy for just about anyone to use. In the case where you actually do decide to add new features to you website or if you are performing some administrative activities on the website in for form of adding content or users; it would be a good idea to disable the user side.

This helps prevent the user from ending up on pages that are being updated (which would result in an 404 error or some other sort of error). In order to make sure no users enter you website while it is being updated, Joomla has provided the feature where you can place the website in a maintenance mode.

  • This will ensure that visitors to your website will see an informative page when loading you website that informs them that the website is under maintenance.
  • It is possible to place you website in a maintenance mode by following the simple steps mentioned below:
  • You will need to first login to the admin section of your Joomla website.
  • Once logged in navigate via the admin menu to the Site Configuration like Site >> Global Configuration.
  • On the page that loads you will notice an option called ‘Site Offline’. This option can be either toggled to on or off position. When placed on the Yes mode the Joomla website is set to maintenance mode and an offline message specified in the offline message section is displayed.
  • You will need to first save these settings before exiting the configuration page.

  • How To Put Your Website Under Maintenance
  • Placing your Joomla website in maintenance mode

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