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PHP Web Development for Online Business

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PHP Web Development for Online Business

The entire basis of an online business depends on their online presence. It is vital that they possess a good quality e-commerce website in order for them to be competitive in any form. The main objective of any online business is to make sure that their website is attractive enough to engage new visitors, but that is not all. They also need to make sure their website is good enough to keep the visitors engaged and interested in the website and even convert into new customers. All this and more is very easily possible with the help of PHP Web Development.

There has been a great deal of innovation in web development in india and thus there are many different technologies available to develop an online business. PHP is one such web development technology that is used to develop an online business. It has been greatly accepted by many different software development companies as well organizations around the world.

PHP can be used to create a dynamic website that are usually interactive. PHP is Hypertext Processor which was developed by Rasmus Lerdof way back in 1994.

As per the recent statistics the number of website using PHP is actually double the number of website that make use of ASP.NET. Thus PHP is clearly the chosen technology when it comes to web development. Java comes in third with an even lesser market share than ASP.NET. Here is a short list of some of the popular website that make use of PHP:

  • Facebook.com
  • Baidu.com
  • Wikipedia.org
  • Qq.com
  • Twitter.com
  • Taobao.com
  • Sina.com.cn
  • Weibo.com
  • WordPress.com
  • Vk.com

How PHP works for online Businesses:

PHP plays a very important role in the web development business now in the 21st Century. It helps in the web development of online businesses through the many good features that are at its disposal. PHP can be used in online businesses in such a way it can portray the specifications of the business in a very good method and with ease too.

PHP is used to create a dynamic website as I have already mentioned. It is a useful tool in developing rapid application projects as well. PHP can be used along with many different databases to develop a robust application. In general PHP is used with MySQL database to create such applications.

The major advantage of using such a popular technology is that there is a very large support community online on the internet. Thus if you do find yourself baffled by an strange PHP issue it is very likely that you will find the answer to your problem in a forum online. In addition to which it is also possible to register on an one of the many forums online and post your own questions and problems. You will find that your post will have many replies in the form of a solution for other co-members.

Hire a PHP Developer:

Hire PHP developers are vital for any business and you intend to use PHP for the web development, you should hire an experienced and skilled PHP developer. The basic reason being that may be just another language but it is really big. There are many different open source applications software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ZenCart besides many others. Besides which there various different frameworks available that reduce the development time by a great deal. In addition to that the frameworks are provide a proven and steady base for a big project where the PHP developer can focus his efforts more on the business logic and less on the interface code.

The PHP Tools:

There are PHP tools available that can be of great help while developing a website. The list of PHP tools is really long and depends on the functionality. Webgrind is one such PHP tool though.

This is a tool that can be used for graphs and image manipulation. Though a word of advice, you do need the appropriate programming knowledge and skill to PHP.

Alakmalak is one firm that has a great many skilled PHP Web developers. This is one company that has been around since a while and has successfully completed over 2000 websites for clients from all around the world. There are not many web development companies around that can match that. They believe in keeping pace with the technological changes and thus are always on their toes when it comes to learning the new additions in the world of PHP. This may mean either a new version of PHP or a new version of one of the several open source software available.

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