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Presta Shop is a very popular e-commerce software which is open source and is free to download from their website. It is the complete package and more in terms of the number of features offered. Presta Shop like any other shopping cart solution offers many basic features though Presta Shop…[...]
Prestashop is an open source ecommerce software what is free to download as well. It is possible to take the basic Prestashop installation and customize it to suite your requirements. To start with you may need a layout of your choice so that it looks somewhat like your existing brick…[...]
Presta shop has a new version recently as in The method of setting up Vouchers has thus changed. Though Presta Shop still remains a great open source software for ecommerce websites. It is still very versatile and feature rich, the only thing being the new versions does things a…[...]
Magento is a popular e-commerce software which is also open source. It is widely used to set up shopping carts by many business around the world. Magento web development has really taken off in recent time due to the sheer number of feature provided by Magento. Even though it is…[...]
There are many open source software around these days and of them many are e-commerce softwares. Zen Cart is one such e-commerce software that has been around for a while. Even amongst ecommerce software there is a big list of options. Many new open source, e-commerce softwares have shot to…[...]