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9 Amazing Options for Front End Development

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Your website plays an important role in creating a lasting impression of
your company on the users. Front-end development is one of the most vital
aspects of webpage development. JavaScript, which helps to make the
website interactive, is widely used by developers.

Front end development

But JavaScript has its drawbacks. These include the requirement of more
coding, bugs, etc. It is for these reasons that developers lookout for
alternatives. Here are some alternatives for JavaScript that front-end
developers must try.


For enterprise-scale projects, JavaScript may not be very effective.
Typescript overcomes the limitations that JavaScript has. This language has
been developed by Microsoft, and it is not only similar to JavaScript but
also has additional features. It is a powerful and scalable development tool.


This is a new language that comes with a plethora of features. Dart has the
capability to complete complex work with ease. Dart is a fully object-
oriented language that is easy to learn. It is known for its high productivity
and portability.


Extension of JavaScript syntax is the main objective of Kaffeine. The
JavaScript code is compiled in the Kaffeine code. The debugging process is
made simple by this language.


This is a much more friendly language as compare to JavaScript and Ruby
on Rails integrated into it. The coding of CoffeeScript is simple, and it can
be executed fast as compared to JavaScript.


This tool is almost similar to JavaScript, and it has been developed for
experimentation purposes. In Roy, the code generation is simple.

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Functional language features are available in Roy, but this language is not
very popular.


Elm is a new language that has an advanced type of system. It promises
zero runtime error in the case of the production code. It is known for its
great performance and enforced semantic versioning. This robust option
needs less maintenance.

Phoenix LiveView:

With the help of Phoenix LiveView, it is possible to create interactive
interfaces without making use of JavaScript. It is a feature of the
Phoenix web framework. It is a very dependable and reliable programming


This language has been developed to replace languages like JavaScript. It is
an object-oriented language. As of now, Opal is not very popular, but
nevertheless, it is a good alternative for JavaScript, and hence it has been
included in this list.


This is one of the best options for JavaScript, and it is a version of the
Clojure language and can be used along with the existing JavaScript
libraries. It works in all browsers, and it is known for its dynamic
development and productivity.


There is a lot of demand for front-end development. These days there are
different options for JavaScript, and we have given a list of a few of these
options. One needs to analyze their exact requirement and then choose the
programming language that will help to create interactive websites and
amazing web apps with ease. Developers may not be able to stay away from JavaScript completely as of now, but they should explore the different
options available.

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