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5 Open Source Photoshop Alternatives That Save You Money

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Are you exhausted from forking over a significant chunk of your business budget to Adobe Photoshop every month? Does the recurring cost keep you up at night? Let’s dive deep into this predicament and explore solutions with open source Photoshop alternatives in depth.

  • The familiar sting of subscription fees. Every month, business owners cringe as that notification pops up, reminding them of another payment to Adobe. Photoshop, while powerful, comes with a price tag that can be burdensome.
  • Being shackled by rigid licenses. Need to use Adobe Photoshop on a new device? Be ready for licensing drama.
  • Overcomplication for simpler tasks. Sometimes, all you need is a simple edit. But with Adobe Photoshop, even the basic tasks feel like rocket science.
  • Compatibility chaos. Not every mobile device loves Photoshop. And if it’s an older machine? Good luck getting anything done.
  • The quest for customization. Photoshop is vast, but what if it doesn’t have what you specifically need?


It’s NOT about you lacking a bigger budget or not being tech-savvy. And it’s certainly NOT because open-source alternatives aren’t good enough.

The REAL issue? Many business owners are simply unaware of the power-packed alternatives out there. They’re caught in a whirlwind of mainstream marketing, thinking Photoshop is the ONLY way.

But guess what? The era of open-source graphic design tools is here. These tools tackle the issues we talked about, including online Photoshop alternatives.

Open Source Photoshop Alternatives That Save You Money

1. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)


Often considered the pinnacle of open-source design tools, GIMP stands tall as a testament to the power of community-driven software.


  • Customizable Interface: GIMP customizes workspace for UI/UX Designers, offering tools for photo editing, design, and pixel art, all adaptable to user preferences.
  • Layer System: Just like premium versions of software, GIMP offers a robust layer system, essential for complex design and photo manipulation tasks.
  • High-Quality Filters: From blurring, and sharpening, to color correction, GIMP provides an array of filters that compete with those found in commercial software.
  • Community Support: GIMP’s community is its backbone. With countless forums, tutorials, and plugins available, newcomers and pros alike can always find guidance and new tools to explore.

2. Krita

Krita, an open source photoshop alternative.


Specifically designed for illustrators and digital artists, Krita fills the niche for those who wish to bring their artistic visions to life.


  • Brushes: Krita offers an impressive range of brush stabilizers, mimicking real-life tools to digital effects.
  • Stabilizers: For those with shaky hands or seeking precision, Krita’s stabilizers ensure smooth lines every time.
  • Pop-up Palette: Quickly switch between colors and custom brushes with this intuitive feature, speeding up the artistic process.
  • Comic Book Creation: Krita isn’t just about individual art pieces. Its tools support the entire process of comic creation, from sketching to layout.

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3. Paint.NET


Bridging the gap between advanced features of photo editors and basic paint programs, Paint.NET offers a user-friendly experience without sacrificing power.


  • Simplicity: Its straightforward interface ensures users don’t get bogged down by overly complicated features.
  • Powerful Tools: Despite its simplicity, Paint.NET boasts tools that are more than sufficient for most design tasks, from selections to layers.
  • Clean Design: The software’s design ensures that the focus remains on creativity, reducing distractions.

4. Inkscape



A haven for vector artists, Inkscape offers a platform where creating scalable graphics is as intuitive as it is powerful.


  • Vector Graphics: As a full-fledged vector editor, Inkscape handles everything from simple icons to complex illustrations with ease.
  • User-Friendly: Despite being powerful, Inkscape is designed for newcomers to grasp the basics quickly.
  • Design Variability: Whether you are creating web design icons, logos, or full-scale posters, Inkscape’s tools suit diverse design needs of a website design company.

5. Pixia


Hailing from Japan, Pixia offers advanced key features that resonate with manga and anime artists, setting it apart from general design software.


  1. Manga/Anime Tools: Pixia’s tools are crafted with manga artists in mind, making it easier to produce artwork in this unique style.
  2. Localized Features: Recognizing the nuances of manga and anime art, Pixia includes features like specialized tones and patterns commonly used in Japanese comics.
  3. Community-Centric: Being rooted in a specific art community, users can find a plethora of tutorials and resources tailored to Pixie’s features.


In the realm of digital art and graphic design, having access to top-tier software is often seen as a prerequisite. However, not everyone can afford the premium price tags attached to industry giants like Adobe Photoshop. Fortunately, the open-source community has risen to the challenge, presenting an array of potent alternatives that don’t compromise on quality. From the comprehensive capabilities of GIMP to the manga-centric features of Pixia, these tools cater to a wide range of artistic needs and styles.

By choosing any of these five open-source alternatives, not only do artists and designers gain access to powerful functionalities, but they also benefit from the cost savings, proving that exceptional art doesn’t necessitate a hefty investment in software. Whether you’re a professional on a budget or a beginner seeking to dip your toes in digital artistry, these alternatives pave the way for creativity without breaking the bank.

Looking to transition to open-source Adobe Photoshop alternatives? Get in touch! Our dedicated team is here to introduce you to top-tier, budget-friendly design solutions that cater to your unique requirements. Dive into a world of creativity without the hefty price tag, with our guidance every step of the way.


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