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Moving Your WordPress Website From a Sub Directory To The Root Directory

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You can move your website from the sub directory to the root directory of your web server by following the steps below:

  • To start with login to the admin section of your WordPress website and navigate from the admin menu Settings >> General.
  • Here is the setting for the URL of you website which needs to be modified as per your requirements. This should include your new path as well.
  • Now connect to your server via FTP or the control panel and move all your files to the new folder (path).
  • Now load the website in the new browser and check to make sure it is working fine.

Moving Your WordPress Website From a Sub Directory To The Root Directory

The steps mentioned above are quite simple and easy for just about anyone to follow and will work for you if you do not have many plugins and extra customizations in your WordPress website. But if you do have some customizations you will have do something extra to make sure your websites works smoothly on the new URL.

The additional steps required to be followed are:

  • You will need to use an external software like mysqlreplace to make changes to your database file.
  • First find such a software and download it to your computer.
  • You will then need to login to your web server and upload this file to your root directory.
  • Now browse to this new file in your browser. You will need to enter the name of your database as well as the user and password.
  • If you do not have this information handy you will to check the wp-config.php file for the information.
  • The wp-config.php file is located in the root directory of your WordPress installation and can be accessed from the file manager in the control panel itself.
  • Once you do enter your database credentials the software will prompt you for your previous URL and the new URL.
  • After this on hitting the submit button, your database will be rapidly changed to reflect your new settings.
  • Make sure to delete the external software mysqlreplace since it can be quite dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

That is all there is to be done and you should be all set with your new URL. The same procedure can also be followed when moving your website from one domain to another.

This task is not for your average user, you need to be an IT Savvy person to be able to follow the above mentioned instructions since you can very easily corrupt your entire database if you don’t do it correctly. It is advisable to take a back up of your database and files prior to moving your website. if you are not confident on pulling it off it is best to consult a professional WordPress Web Developer to do the job.

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  • Move Wordpress Website From Subdirectory To The Root Directory
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