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How to Move Magento Website From One Domain to Another?

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Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is available for free download. There are three versions of Magento and one of them is free to download. Magento has become a quite popular eCommerce platform in the short amount of time that it has been around. It has been trusted and implemented by many companies as their eCommerce solution.

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They are constantly improving by releasing new versions and print versions of their free version for users to download. It is now a very robust and versatile software. Many Magento users buy readymade templates for their website so that it looks different from the standard design that is offered by Magento. On the other hand, there are a great many store owners who have a design of their own in mind and wish their store to look exactly as per their design.

While it is easy to install a readymade template it is not easy to make your own template. It requires the expertise of an experienced Magento Web Developer to do the job in such a situation. Alakmalak is a company that offers Magento web development services. They can help you out with the web design of the layout you have in mind as well as with developing your website.

The standard procedure usually followed is that the website is built by the development company on their database server which is considered a test server and after it has been fully tested it is transferred to the main domain. This article describes how you can keep your website intact while transferring it from one domain to another.

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Magento Web Development

The first thing that you need to do while shifting the website is to take a backup of the database. You need to log in to the existing web server user and load the phpMyadmin section via the cPanel (assuming it is a cPanel). Then after selecting the appropriate database export it to your own computer.

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This will be a SQL file that will be saved on your computer.

The next thing you need to do is to is backup all the existing websites files. This can be achieved by going to the existing cPanel once again and compressing all the files on the relevant folder. You can then download this compressed file onto your own computer instead of having to download the many small files of Magento The database SQL file downloaded will have references to the existing domain and hence needs to be changed to the new domain. This can be done by loading it in a text editor and simply using the find and replace tool. Alternatively, this can also be done on the webserver itself by loading the find and replace tool to the server and running it in context to this database. Either way, the main aim of this operation is to replace the reference to the existing domain with that of the new one. Your database is now ready for upload to the new server. Simply log in to your new server and create a new database; after which you can import this existing database into the new server giving you the data for your Magento website.

The next thing to do as you may have guessed is to transfer all the existing files to the new domain. This can be done by transferring the compressed file to the new domain and then uncompressing it.

The site thus uploaded needs to be configured now. You need to access the new website via FTP and download the file local.html from the directory: \app\etc\ . This file can be opened using any text editor. Once loaded you need to change the section where it says host, username, password, and dbname generally found on lines 43 – 46. The values of the new database need to be entered here. Then upload the file back to the webserver after saving it.

You have successfully transferred your website.

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Magento Web Development

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