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Managing user roles in WordPress

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  • WordPress is a very versatile open source software which has enumerable applications. Some of the applications include Blog, Content management, User based social networking website, ecommerce, etc.
  • WordPress is easy to setup for the most part however if you do require a website with a few good features and functions that make the website more attractive to the user, then you would probably need to hire a WordPress Web Developer. Alakmalak is one company that is involved in Word Press Web Development.

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The concept of user roles has always been there in WordPress from right when it was first released many years ago. It may have under gone a few subtle changes however the concept remains same. It was essentially designed for the blog administrators to control the access of the blog.WordPress has the ability where it is possible to create new users and assign them certain roles in order to restrict access to the entire website. The functions that can be controlled are listed here:

  • writing and editing posts
  • creating pages
  • defining links
  • creating categories
  • moderating comments
  • managing themes
  • managing other users
  • managing plugins.


There are several preset roles available in WordPress , like Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. Each of the users has a different role as the name suggests as described in detail below:

Super Admin: The user with access to the blog’s network administration features, who can control the entire website and its users.
Administrator: The user with access to all the administrative features.
Editor: The user with rights to publish and manage posts as well as manage the posts of other users.
Author: The user with the rights to publish and manage their own posts
Contributor: The user with the rights to write and manage posts but not publish them.
Subscriber: The user with the ability to manage their own profile and read others posts.

The Setup:

To setup the role of a new WordPress user, you need to go to the admin section and select the Users tab from the admin menu. Hit the add new option and a form will be displayed where you need to enter the username, email and several other personal details. The last option will the role of the user. There will be a drop down box from which you can select the role of the user.

In addition to which it is also possible to set the role of an existing user by simply editing their profile.

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