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Managing the Submenu width in Joomla

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Submenu width in Joomla

Joomla is one software that can be customized and implemented in many different ways. It can be implemented as a blog, a content management system, an ecommerce website, a magazine or even a newspaper to name a few type of websites. With such a broad range of implementations possible it is obvious that the Joomla in its default form (that comes with the default installation files) or layout is quite simple.

There are many possible ways in which you can implement this default template however, it does have its limitations.

For example if you want to set up a social networking website of your own using Joomla, the default template provided may not be of much use. Thus in this case you may resort to buying and downloading a template of the internet. These templates are usually quite generic and may or may not have the exact functionality that you are looking for.

The other option you have is to get the design you have in your mind along with custom functionality built by a professional Joomla web developer. In fact Alakmalak is one such Joomla Web developer.

In the case were you have opted for a readymade template you may need to setup you website yourself with the menu items and content. In the condition where you have large menu items, it is likely that the menu item text will overlap thus spoiling the look and feel of the website. In this situation you may have the need to expand the width of tour menu items.

That is exactly what this article is about as explained below:

Managing the Submenu width in Joomla

  • You will need to login to the administrative section of your website (Joomla one).
  • Now from the admin menu navigated to the main menu like Menus >> Main Menu.
  • Select the menu item whose width you wish to change and hit enter.
  • Select the Fusion menu options. You will be able to set the desired width value in the Drop Down field provided.

Once done, simply refresh your website and check it. You will notice that the width of your menu item has now changed. This is a fairly straight forward process and does not require must knowledge of the workings of the Joomla website or any PHP programming knowledge.

In the case where you have opted for a custom template and have got it designed by a web developer it is possible for you to request them to set the desired with during configuration of the website.

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