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Why Magento is Best For E-Commerce Platform?

Magento Web Development

The importance of Social Media in ecommerce websites cannot be stressed enough. Many online stores realize this and try to include social media in every way possible to their online stores. But it is important to make note of the fact that social media may not have a direct impact on the sales (at times it may but not always), rather it will benefit in brand promotion, boost the visibility of your website and help in producing more loyal customers at your online store. Thus not every tweet or status update made on Facebook can be directly co-related to a new sales or even new customer for that matter.

In a way Social Media may seem a waste of time as far as ecommerce website are concerned since there are not always tangible results. But this article is to reassure you that including Social Media in your ecommerce website is almost a must these days. The number of people spending on the Internet is on the rise now and at the same time publishing the purchase made on social website is also a new trend and practiced by many. It is needless to mention that the number of people on Social Media websites is like off the charts. Everyone you know has a Social Media account from your grandmother right to your young children. Hence the amount of exposure that a Social Media website offers far out classes the other mediums and it is rapid.

Using a Magento Demo Website to Understand its Features

It is essential that each ecommerce website also have a Social Media presence. Amongst the Social Media online the big two are Facebook and Twitter. Creating a good and fancy Facebook page for the store with lots of images and information regarding products is a good place to start. Making a Twitter account that is maintained can result in many followers as well. The links to these accounts (Facebook and Twitter) can then be included in all correspondence like email and invoices as well as used on the website itself. You can then place Social Media icons on your website, on individual product pages thus visitors to your website can either like it or share it over the Social Media websites.

Besides actually improving sales via these Social Media website it is also possible to gain trust and recognition. A presence on the social media is more than just selling to visitors or making new customers it is also about providing potential customers more information about your products and the company itself. Placing tips on several related topics also helps boost the brand image.

It is quite easy to manage Social Media sharing icons on the products details page of your Magento ecommerce website. The icons need to be added to the template page and you can keep it simple by utilizing the popular sharing platform ‘Add this toolbox’. In order to do so you will need to follow the simple steps mentioned here:

1. Login to your website server via FTP and go to the directory where you Magento files are stored.

2. You then need to traverse to the following directory: app\design\frontend\default\\template\ajax\catalog\product first of all.

3. Here you need to open the view.phtml file by first downloading it. You can use any handy editor to do so.

4. Ideally you need to place the following code after line 67 though it may vary slightly depending on the level of customization on your website. You can always take help of a professional Magento web developer to do the job.

Customization on Your Website

That is all you need to do. You are now all set with Social Media icons on your website. It is possible to further customize the type of icons that are displayed and also the size of the icons by tweaking the code further.

Thus although Social Media may seem like something really big and hard to manage, it is in fact quite easy to implement and maintain.

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  • Why Magento Is Best eCommerce Platform?
Rushik Shah 31 October , 2013

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