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Managing Module Positions in Joomla

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  • Joomla is an open source software that is very versatile and robust. It is a free software as well and thus any one can download and install it and use it in any application. Joomla can be used as a blog, a content management system and even an ecommerce website. It is fully capable of doing even being a magazine or a newspaper for a firm.
  • With such a robust software hand it is usually a good idea to change the default template to one of your own choice. You have the option of selecting on from the vast number of templates available online. The procedure with them is simple; just download and install. However if you have a specific design in mind and require a certain functionality usually not found by default you will need to get a customized template built. In fact you will need to hire a Joomla Web developer to help you out with the task. Alakmalak is one such Web development company.
  • Like many other websites the body of a Joomla websites can be divided into main content area and side areas for other matter. In Joomla there is the main content area and then there are modules located in the sidebars. It is possible to set content (modules) position right from the start when the template is designed. Thus these modules positions cab be used to place the objects like login forms, polls, text blocks and even newsletter subscribe forms; not to mention banners and search options.
  • The module positions in Joomla can be controlled via the administrative section of the website. To start with you will need to go to the admin section of your Joomla website and login. Once in navigate to the module manage from the admin menu like Extensions >> Module Manager. Here you will find a list of modules present. Select any one of the modules and check the position field. The position field is likely to have some entry like left, right, sidebar-a, top, bottom etc. These position are actually the positions set while the template is being designed and thus the names can vary. However usually sensible names are utilized.
  • Thus the position left will usually signify left of content and right would be right of the content. Similarly top and bottom positions would be like the header and footer of the content respectively.
  • The position of the module can be changed accordingly from this menu and once saved it will reflect on the user side.

  • how to manage modules position in joomla
  • Managing Module Positions in Joomla

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