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Managing comments feature in WordPress

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WordPress is an open source software that is available to as a free download from their website. Anyone can download it and install it on their own server or local server.

It has several applications like a blog, content management system, a social networking website or even an ecommerce website. There are many websites that encourage human interaction. For example a blog website will have posts by several people may encourage comments from the readers as to the quality of the article, or clarifications or even to express their views on the article. Similarly in a social networking website it is possible to encourage user interaction on posts and articles by placing a special comments section that is in built in to WordPress.

On the other hand not all websites like to have the option for the users to interact with the website and comment on the pages or posts published on the website. For example in case of a ecommerce website, you usually don’t require any interaction of the users with the website for most of the pages, except for maybe making a purchase.

It is easy to setup such websites in WordPress, though if you do require additional functionality or want to make it special so that visitors keep coming back you will probably need to hire a WordPress Web developer. Alakmalak is one such company that is involved in WordPress Web Development. That said here quick explanation of how the comments are managed in WordPress.

Managing comments feature in WordPress

  • It is possible to enable and disable comments in WordPress for both existing posts and new posts.
  • For existing posts simply go to the WordPress admin panel and select the posts option.
  • All you need to do is then is select all the posts using the check-boxes and then use the Bulk Action select box and select Edit.
  • It is possible to select the required option in the Comments drop down.
  • In case of a new post it is possible to select the option of enabling or disabling the comments while making the new posts itself or make the default setting.
  • Going to the Setting -> Discussion. Here you need to activate the option “Allow people to post comments on new articles ” either to enabled or disabled.

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