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Making design tweaks to bring your website as par with the 2015 web design trends

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Web design trends change very often. In general one finds that the fancy designs and elements included in your website are nowhere be found in the websites developed the following year. Although it may be a good idea to redesign you website over a period of time. But that to depends on the nature of your website and the level of technology changes over the time.

Hence there are likely to be several website (business) owners around the world who now prefer that new features and design elements in the current time be included on their website. At the same they would also like to remove sections of the design that is no longer appealing. For those who do have the requirement to completely redesign their websites, tweaking their website design to some extent can prove to be the right solution.

Hence here are few popular tweaks to help your website (and business).

  • Keeping the copy writing short and sweet: It is important to remember that website content is very different from that of a blog or an article. Also take into consideration the fact that the average visitor does not spend a lot of time on a single website. And if they are surfing from their mobile device they will most certainly not care for long content with industry jargon that goes off the top. Hence it is in your best interests to keep the website content very short, to the point and at the same time informational.

  • Give website typography the correct importance: A major portion of Internet is ‘written content’. Thus the way in which the content is showcased matters a lot. The typography you chose can make or break a website. Since if you chose the wrong typography options it is likely you will lose visitors. The main elements to get right are the contracts, line-height, hierarchy, typeface pairing.

  • Tweaking the focus of the website: The overall focus of the website is very important. The design of very page should have the right focus however what is more important is that you get the focus of the first page right. The first page is the gateway to your website and often decides the fate of your website well, since visitors often judge the usefulness of website based on what they see first.

Thus by focusing on design elements that grab the attention of the visitors (like graphics, photos , nice typography). Besides which it should also be of interest to the visitors rather than placing technical jargon on the very first page. In addition to this it is also necessary to introduce design elements that generates a desire for the item or service on the website and the appropriate design elements that make it easy to take necessary action to purchase or express interest.

  • Performance is more importance than fancy features: The load speed of your website matters for the success of your site. If it takes too long to load you are likely to lose visitors. This is especially true if the visitor is surfing via a mobile device. The easy way of improving the performance of a website is to optimise the images and make less use of graphics.

  • Responsive is a must: With more number of Internet users using a mobile device to access the Internet than before making the website responsive so that the visitor can have an equally good browsing experience as on desktop is really essential if there is no other alternative.

  • Smoother forms and pop outs: The form is one of the most important element of web design and is also strategically important since it is a means by which the visitor can express his interest. Hence it is a good idea to make the website forms more welcoming and even add a human touch. The same applies to pop outs as well. Not many like annoying pop outs hence they should not be placed on first page. If placed in the inner pages they must be designed really well.

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Alakmalak has witnessed several trends changes in website design in india over the years. Thus the designers are quite experienced and also well aware of current trends and requirements. This makes them more than prepared to deliver new, creative and innovative designs to our clients.

Furthermore they are also good at analyzing a website and giving expert advice regarding what is wrong with it and how can it be improved.

Thus it is not surprising that they crossed the magical figure of having developed 2000 websites a long time ago. Besides which those clients which happen to be from all across the globe really appreciate the design and development work and continue to remain our clients.

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