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How to Remove Extra White Background From Images in Magento?

Magento Web Development

Magento is available in three different forms. One of which is free to download and use. This ecommerce software has become very popular and very fast indeed. They have improved on their initial release and continue to release new updates thus improving on their high standards. Magento is one ecommerce software that comes with all the bells and whistles. It has many features that are inbuilt as compared to the other ecommerce software out there.

In addition to that it is also possible to add additional feature via the several different modules that are available. If further customization is required in order to make sure that your store is a unique one or just so that the website bares your own custom design then that is possible as well. This is usually achieved by hiring Magento Web developers (the experts) to handle the job.

Magento can have any template integrated over the basic installation with the help of a good experienced Magento Web Development Company like Alakmalak. But this changes a few things internally and the result being that when you upload your product images you often notice a white background around the image. This is quite annoying from the visitor perspective and hence this article describes how that can be avoided.

The white background can be removed from the product images by simply following the procedure mentioned below.

1. Login to your Magento website server using FTP software. Go to the folder app/design/frontend//template/catalog/product/ folder

2. Download the file by the name list.phtml and edit it in any text editor

3. Under normal circumstances where there is not a lot of customization on your website you can find the code we are looking for on or around like 94.

. The Code goes as follows:

Screenshot from 2013-10-14 18:49:57

5. The values of resize(203), width=”203” and height=”203” to that of your image or template. Hence if the standard size of your image in your template is 250 for example the code would look like below:

Screenshot from 2013-10-14 18:51:13

6. Also add the following lines to the code:

constrain Only(TRUE)->keepAspectRatio(TRUE)->keepFrame(FALSE)->

7. Thus the final code should look like below:

8. Save these changes to the file and upload it back to the server.

9. You now need to re-upload the product images and also clear the Magento cache and check the category page. The images should no longer have white background.

This process seems simple enough though is best left to the expert Magento Web developers if you do not have much knowledge of the programming language PHP.

Feel free to contact our magento web development team today.

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  • How to removing white image background in Magento?
Rushik Shah 14 October , 2013

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