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Magento extensions that you should install on your Website

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Magento extensions that you should install on your Website

Magento is an eCommerce platform in PHP that has several versions. One of them is an open source version that is used by many websites for their shopping cart. Magento was launched less than 10 years ago and has already become one of the major three eCommerce platforms.

Magento is used by many companies across the globe like Burger King, CocaCola, NCare, etc. As per the statistics published in March 2016, Magento hold a giant share of the world eCommerce market at approximately 29%.


Features that make Magento stand out

  • Magento has the SEO friendly features built in by default. We all understand the importance SEO, especially for an eCommece website. Magneto has been well designed and optimised for individual products, categories and content pages.
  • Magento offers Internationalization support with multiple currencies, tax rates, multiple language, etc.
  • Magento is very feature rich with eCommerce shopping cart related features. Besides the common features that one would expect, Magento also supports Multi-Site and Multi-Domain setups.
  • Due to the highly modular architecture, customization becomes easy. This also means that a high level of customization is possible without disturbing the core Magento features and functions.
  • There is plenty of support, training and tutorials available to master all the features of Magento. From help with simple configuration tasks to a tutorial on how to handle the massive Magento Admin panel, everything is available. There are also tutorials on how to customise Magento at a PHP code level.
  • Security is essential for any eCommerce website. Magento has taken this into consideration and hence has made their eCommerce platform highly secure.
  • Magento also offers support for much needed web services like SOAP V1, SOAP V2, XMLRPC, REST and a 3 level OAuth.

Going beyond the basic features with Magento Extensions

Magento can do wonders as one can imagine from the big list of features that it has to offer and many great companies already using it. But there are many Merchants and businesses who would like to do more. This too is possible with Magento. Magento allows us customise the eCommerce store to the best of our imagination and it does this by allowing us to install Magento Extensions. There are many extensions available online in many different categories for anyone to install, some of them are free and others have lesser cost. The Magento Marketplace has the largest collection extensions for Magento. In addition to that there are several others places online where Magento extensions are available. But that is not all, it is also possible to create a custom extension that exactly matches your requirements.

List of popular extensions

  • PickPack Moogento: it has improved invoicing and packing sheet designs.
  • Sweet Tooth: Merchants now can reward their loyal and regular customers on buying products.
  • FishPig: Now owners can integrate their eCommere store with an existing WordPress blog.
  • Daffodil: This extension allows customers to adjust the price range as per the budget.
  • Fooman Speedster: to improve the speed and performance, use this free extension.
  • Yotpo: Magento eCommerce store owners now can keep review and rating section on their product page to increase the sales.
  • Avalare: this extension is useful for the administrative purpose where store owners wish to control their financial flow and tax.
  • B2Bmage: transform your eCommerce store into a B2B platform where you can manage sales, discounts, price, payment methods and etc.


Web Development with Magento

Alakmalak is offering Magento web development services since a while. They develop eCommerce websites using open source software like Magento. The web designers are very creative and well experience in designing stunning designs. With a strong team of Web Developers who are highly skilled, certified Alakmalak, has developed scores of websites for clients all across the globe. Their state of the art facility and good infrastructure is used by the developers to deliver the websites timely and make sure they are of good quality. Our high client retention ratio says a lot about our work.

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