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List of things to check prior to opting to outsource Web Development

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Outsource Web Development

  • Outsourcing work has been the way of the world since as long as we can think back. Outsourcing work to India is popular in many different business sectors and is usually successful and fruitful, software development is one such sector.
  • Website development and design is a field in which outsourcing is very popular. There are many different firms and business out there with many different requirements.
  • It often happens that a firm starts out building their own website with the aim of establishing their web presence. These are usually one page websites made without any design effort. It is latter that they realize the requirement of a decent website in order to stay competitive and are then left with the task of having to develop their own website.
  • It is in times like these that many opt to outsource their web development work to the professional web development firms. The added advantage of doing is that they also end up saving a lot of time. Some firms opt to outsource web development right from the start too.
  • Now that your mind is made up, and outsourcing seems to be the only way forward there are a few things that you should be aware of when it comes to outsourcing Website Development projects.

Identifying your requirements:

Identifying your requirements
The important bit prior to staring any project is to have a clear idea of what you require. Once you have established your requirements and have a focused vision for your website it may be the right time to approach a web development firm to outsource your work. But it is very important you have a clear picture of what you require and have even done some research in order to avoiding from making a big outsourcing blunder.

Fine line between outsourcing and blindly trusting:

outsourcing and blindly trusting

  • There numerals risks involved in outsourcing your web development project that you should make sure you are aware off. To start with the task can be outsourced to any other firm or web development agency.
  • It is not necessary that the web development firm is located in the same city, state or even country.
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    Thus when it comes to tracking the vendor there could be many hurdles. Thus there it is necessary to use caution when sending sensitive information out.

  • But that is just the tip of the ice berg. Many firms have become the victims of laying too much trust on the outsourced web development firm.
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    To avoid this it is vital that you understand that the process of website development is usually only a onetime cost (besides the maintenance bit). But the cost of the domain and web space for hosting your website is a recurring cost that needs to be renewed every year.

  • You need to make sure you own your domains and web space and not the outsourced company. This is something that a popular and big tourist company located in Ahmedabad, India realised the hard way.
  • They had the need to develop their website a few years ago and paid top dollar to get it made but were not aware then the control of the domain and website space was not handed over to them.
  • They now need to update their website and have opted to outsource their web development tasks to a different web development firm which happens to be more trusted and known and hence more economical.
  • The clever company that made their website in the first place is not refusing to hand over their very own domain access information to make sure he get the outsourcing contract.

The cost of outsourcing:

Cost of outsourcing

  • The web design cost quickly mount up due to minor changes of requirements or due to lack of knowledge of how the web development firms go about doing their job. Thus the thing that should be high on this list is communication and budget.
  • Make sure you have a good communication pattern in place prior to going ahead with any firm. In most cases the web development firm will provide a point of contact who will be responsible for all your project needs and even communicate your requirements and preferences to the web developers working on your project.
  • What you should also be sure of is how much it is going to cost. It is easy to be safe when opting for a set package offered by a development firm, this way you are sure that you website is going to cost a set amount and no more. (Mind you buying images from image stock websites can sky rocket the cost of your website too). But that is not always the case; hence make sure to communicate your budget constraints early on to avoid rude shocks.

The importance of reviews and feedback:
Importance of reviews and feedback

Many web development firm will have a good nice testimonial section their website that consists of reviews and feedback from their previous clients. It may be a good idea to have a quick read of this section. At times if in doubt I suggest you go ahead and even contact their previous client to get a first hand review. There is no thing as being to much precaution.

Projects recently involved in:

  • Listing the completed projects on their website is one thing that just about every other web development firm does. They do this in order to attract more business by impressing more potential clients. However, before you too impressed have a good look at all the projects in display. This list of projects is more often than not a image gallery of some sort with links to the real website.
  • This is a very good opportunity for you to access the true potential of the firm you are about to hire for outsourcing your requirements. You can inspect their work from the leisure of your office, completely undisturbed and uninfluenced and then make the right decision.


Outsourcing is the most obvious solution when it comes to developing a website. The simple reason being that it is hardly likely that a firm can set up a IT development team at their own office to match that of Web Development firm that is solely into the making of websites. Alakmalak is involved in offshore web development. In Alakmalak is one such company which has been around since a very long time and is the choice of many when it comes to making a website. It is no hidden fact that they have developed more than 2000 websites for clients all around the world. Thus when it comes to outsourcing your website you can safely choose Alakmalak.

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