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List of simple design mistakes to avoid

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Web Design Mistake

In today’s digital age, your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your business. A well-designed website can leave a lasting impression and drive success. However, many websites fall short due to simple design mistakes that are easy to avoid. As a top website design company in India, we’re here to guide you through these common pitfalls and show you how to sidestep them to create a website that truly stands out.

1. Overwhelming Clutter

One of the most common design mistakes is overcrowding your website with too much information, images, or elements. Remember, simplicity is key. Your website should have a clean, organized layout that guides visitors to the most important information. Avoid cluttered pages that confuse or overwhelm your audience.

Example: Apple’s website is a great example of clean design, with a focus on showcasing their products without overwhelming visitors with information.

2. Ignoring Mobile Optimization

In this mobile-centric era, neglecting mobile optimization is a grave mistake. Your website must be responsive, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. Ignoring mobile users can cost you valuable traffic and potential customers.

Example: Amazon’s mobile website provides a user-friendly experience by optimizing for smaller screens and touch navigation.

3. Complex Navigation Menus

Your navigation menu should be intuitive and straightforward. Complex menus with too many categories and subcategories can confuse visitors. Keep it simple and categorize content logically to help users find what they’re looking for easily.

Example: The website of The New York Times simplifies navigation by using clear, concise menu options.

4. Poor Readability

The readability of your website’s content is crucial. Avoid using overly decorative fonts, low-contrast text, or tiny font sizes. Ensure that your content is legible and accessible to all visitors.

Example: Medium.com presents articles in an easy-to-read format with clean fonts and ample line spacing.

5. Neglecting Page Load Speed

A slow-loading website can drive visitors away. Optimize your website for speed by compressing images, minimizing code, and using a reliable hosting service. Fast-loading pages provide a better user experience and improve SEO rankings.

Example: Google’s search page is known for its lightning-fast loading speed, enhancing user experience.


As a top website design company in India, we understand that great design is more than aesthetics; it’s about creating an enjoyable and effective user experience. Avoiding these simple design mistakes can help your website shine. Keep your website clean, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. Ensure readability and prioritize page load speed. By doing so, you’ll create a website that not only attracts visitors but also keeps them engaged, ultimately driving success for your business. Remember, simplicity and user-friendliness are the keys to a winning website design.

Alakmalak is one company that has managed to obtain the art of designing websites and takes all of the above and more into consideration with doing so. It is for this reason that it has successfully build more than 2000 websites for clients across the globe and continues to deliver and satisfy many more clients across the world. The web designers have a great deal of experience, insight and help from their supervisors in order to make each website more interesting than the previous one.

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