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Web Development

List of handy tips to hire a web developer

By: Rushik Shah

Hire a Web Developer

  • So you need the services of a Web Developer. You have made the right decision of either taking your business online or updating your website. Either way, both are equally important. Though some of us thing we can do it all and Web Development is a walk in the park, think again.
  • Web Development requires some serious programming skills, knowledge of software and concepts as well as some a dash of creativity. Hence the second right decision that you should make is too hire a developer.
  • Once again this may seem like a simple and mundane task that just about any one amongst your staff or friends can handle with ease, however this isn’t a matter to be taken lightly.
  • There are a few things that you should be aware of web developers and a few things that you should do to prior to contacting one.

Here is a handy list of tips that will make hiring a web developer, literally a walk in the park.


Hire Dedicated Developer

The goal of your website:


  • Once your website is active and present on the world wide web, anyone with a access to the internet can view your website. But that isn’t to say that you need to have something for every kind of viewer.
  • When you decide to make a website there few things that you should have in mind, like the content, the targeted audience, the message you wish to convey, etc. For example if you are a school and are making a website that has information related to school and more. Here your targeted audience are school children and their parents and may be the teachers too. Hence in this case great care must be taken that the content, design, or the overall message is not offensive or such that it can be a bad influence on the children.
  • Thus the first thing to do after deciding to making website is to set yours goals. This will go a long way in saving valuable development time.

Website type:


Web Development

  • As mentioned earlier in the article, some kind of research is necessary on the part of the client prior to hiring a web developer. A quick check of a website a web development agency will tell the many different kinds of website that they offer.
  • The website can be an informative website, a content management system, a blog, a forum, an e-commerce website, etc.. the list is endless.
  • In most cases your won’t need to rack your brains in order to find what suits your requirements the best.
  • The website development firm will provide precise guidance in the form of several options once you provide them your requirements. Hence once you do have your requirements and have the knowledge of how one type of website is better than the other, you are in a position to make an informed decision based on the options provided to you. For example you may want a very basic website to start with, just to fulfil the requirements of having a web presence. In this case the web developer will suggest you opt for a basic HTML website which are fast to load an easy to maintain.
  • On the other hand if you later mention that you require a photo gallery or a customer service chat feature that can be controlled by you, the website will no longer be a static website. This kind of website would require the use of a programming language like either PHP or ASP.NET.

Getting into the mind of your visitors:


  • Putting your business or firm online is always a good think since you expect the website to work towards benefiting your interests. But that is not always the case.
  • There are many websites that exist on the Internet that meet the client’s requirements and are made by the web developer as per the client’s instructions but is still not quite there in terms of fulfilling the purpose. A website has information of the client’s company but does it cater to the needs of the visitor? That is a big question.
  • The website being developed should ideally be viewed from the visitors perspective and a great deal of consideration should be taken into account of what the client expects to see, as well as what is the first impression of your website on the visitor.

The Website Design:


Web Desgning

  • The design of the website plays a big role in making sure your website address (link) is passed on or shared with other friends and acquaintances.
  • The design of the website is the first thing that hits the visitor, hence if the design is poor it may affect the visitor’s ability to understand the website. Besides which it is also very important as to where the navigation is placed how it is designed.
  • A standard design will have the navigation on the top most section, however as per the new trends there are many different ways of placing the navigation, furthermore if the website has a theme of some kind the navigation can also be hidden from immediate view. Such small and subtle design elements affect the website to a great extent.

Call to action design elements:


  • The call to action design elements be quite useful at times and at the right places.
  • As the name suggests its purpose is to get a visitor to do something on your website. The action could be to download some file or document, add a product to their shopping cart, make a quick purchase from your website, or even to request some information from you.
  • This is another subtle design element to look out for before approving any layout mock up provided by the web developer. Things to check would be the proper placement of the desired button, making sure it is in context with the rest of the website as well and that it serves the desired purpose.

The content is King:


  • A website may have the best of the design that wows the visitors and be developed with all the bells and whistles in terms of functionality but if the content present on the website does not live up to their expectations then all is lost.
  • The job of content writing is often assigned to the web development company developing the website. While that may be fine to some extent, the you can be only be sure that the content is of high quality if you as a client are actively involved in the content writing process.

Being Accessible:


  • All through this article we have discussed many issues relating to how you as a client need to do some research prior to approaching a web developer and what to expect and how to select a web developer right for your task.
  • Thus you are most likely going to end up with a smashing website just fit your business. However there one very important element of the design that you should be aware off and must check.
  • The visitors to your website must be able to access your contact information at all times. Ideally they should be provided several different options to contact, like email, skype, phone etc.


Web development is quite different from the other forms of software development in many ways. That said many companies follow a development process similar to that used for desktop software and the more popular one is the development process for graphics. A good web development company is the one which has a good development process that is new and in sync with the new technologies and demands of the average client. Alakmalak is one firm that makes sure their web developers are aware of the new updates in the field of IT and make use of a good development process that is suitable for a web development project.

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