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Laravel vs Zend Framework, which is better?

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Web Development may seem like a simple enough task that almost any programmer with little programming knowledge can handle. But the truth is quite different. The web development process involves many deliverables that makes it a time-intensive and complicated process. It involves making sure the websites offer a unique and pleasant user experience in the form of a good website design on a browser of a PC, a mobile device, and on tablet PCs and Laptops. Besides which it also involves the development of the functionality of the website.

However, by making use of frameworks like Laravel or Zend the entire process of Web Development is streamlined. The main advantage is that a lot of the generic modules and components are readily available. This also includes many ready modules like authentication modules, etc. An application developed using a PHP framework is highly scalable and easy to maintain. It also encourages good coding practices which in turn lead to efficient web development applications.

Comparing Laravel with the Zend Framework


Comparing Laravel with the Zend Framework

  • While the Zend Framework has been around for approximately 10 years, the Laravel framework was recently released approximately 5 years ago.
  • In terms of architecture, the Zend framework is more along the line of configuration over convention. On the other hand, the laravel application development is about convention over configuration. It is a test-driven development process that encourages no-repeat coding.
  • Both support the structure however Laravel supports dependency injection while Zend is event-driven.
  • Laravel has an inbuilt template engine called the Blade Template Engine. This is an extensive framework that can help develop custom layouts and website designs.
  • On the other hand, the Zend framework uses the Smarty framework and core PHP for the purpose of the design template.
  • Both frameworks support cloud platforms. Laravel supports the popular cloud platforms like Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, Heroku, OpenShift, etc. while the Zend framework supports only Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, Heroku, and Open Shift.
  • In terms of documentation, Laravel is more thorough as compared to the Zend Framework.
  • Laravel is more recently released and is also more popular than Zend Framework.
  • Laravel also has a lot more processes that are considered common like sessions, caching, and routing highly simplified for the PHP developer.
  • Zend is a highly stable framework created with Agile methodology. It can be used to build high-quality applications for large enterprise clients.
  • Zend framework offers a service called Zend Services. This makes it very easy to implement the client libraries with many of the popular Web services platforms.

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This is a web development company that has extensive experience developing web applications using popular PHP frameworks CodeIgnitor, Zend Framework, Laravel, and many more.

Our web developers are highly trained and have a great deal of experience in developing websites using many different frameworks. Hence when it comes to developing a website in the recently released Laravel framework, it is quite easy for them to do so. Not to mention the fact that they are highly experienced in developing websites using the Zend Framework.

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